Neck pain for 10 years. Follow all the practice from doctors' advices but still

  1. pisethz profile image70
    pisethzposted 7 years ago

    Neck pain for 10 years. Follow all the practice from doctors' advices but still cannot get rid...

    of it. What is the problem? Just try yoga for one week now...

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    sugzposted 7 years ago

    i sympathise.. i've had neck and back pain for 15yrs.
    my back is dislocated in 3 places, and because of damaged back muscles, it cannot go back into place. the muscles will never repair.
    as for my neck, it extends from the back pain and often when i wake up in the morning it is dislocated. living with this pain sux aye.

    find out if you have any 'scarred' muscle tissue in your back and shoulders.. when you move your shoulder back an forth it will sound like crunching.. this isn't actually the bones, its the muscles full of scar tissue, it's irreversible, i know cos i live with it endlessley and it's getting worse.

    the best thing to help your neck pain, iis having a comfortable bed, and a pillow that supports your neck and keeps your head tiltled slightly back, this takes the pressure off the discs between the vertibra.. works for me anyway. but exercise is your best option.
    strengthen your body as much as you can but be very careful not to agrivbate any scarred muscle tissue by over working it.
    i do 25mins twice a day (except when others are around, then i'm just out right lazy lol)
    sit as straight as you can at your computer chair, if you have one of those tiltable computer chairs (i don't) drop you legs to a slanted angle by tucking your feet under.. yes i know i'm gona get yelled at about this for bad posture, but the reality is.. it takes pressure off the spine and forces you to sit straighter.. like those chairs you kneel on while sitting on the seat bit.. no idea what they're called, but damn comfy and work!
    another thing is go to physiotherapy, or massage therapist. not a masseuse tho, they're completley different. pull your neck up straight, hold tummy firm and tuck your chin in slightly.. if you do this by really pulling the chin into the neck without tiping your head forward, push your shoulders odwn at the same time, and if possible, use one hand to push your chin back and the other pushing supporting your head from tipping back, it helps to strengthen the muscles a little... doesn't take it away, but eleviates it a bit. smile
    Anti-inflamatory's work a little, Anti-flam is a good one, but i don't know if it's available in all countries. another is.. "Leg and muscle rub with mint & rosemary from avon.. trust me, it works wonders. and it's not too expensive.

    i'm looking for an entire body transplant.. maybe that will stop the pain in my back and neck, unfortunately it doesn't end there, mine results in massive headaches and tingling the entire left side of my spine...
    i think we both need a miracle... smile

    if doctors can't find too much wrong.. i'd suspect muscle scarring.. a physio will tell you.

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    SaiKitposted 7 years ago

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