Questions to ask when buying a new computer?

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    me,maslfposted 6 years ago

    Questions to ask when buying a new computer?

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    banvanaxlposted 6 years ago

    Buying a new computer can be a very painless task if one follows a few basic guidelines:

    a) Fix a budget.

    b) Jot down the 10 things you use your computer for.
         Graphics/database/gaming etc. intensive applications would     naturally translate  into a pc with high end processing power and memory, whereas applications like web surfing, email, Microsoft office applications and other run of the mill applications would mean that you do not need to invest in a high end machine.

    c)Review the products that you have shortlisted. Compare technical specifications on each, viz. the processor, onboard RAM modules, HDD, graphics card solutions, monitor bundled in, connectivity options.
    Pay greater attention to those products that allow you to customize your pc. You might not be requiring all the bells and whistles that a machine comes equipped with. Customizable products can thus assist you to bring a high end machine down to your budget range by replacing/removing accessories that you might not be needing in the 1st place.

    d)Buy insurance and opt for an annual maintenance contract, when you purchase your product for a hassle free experience.

    e) Plug in, you are good to go now smile