What is Active Directory ?

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    shalimn2posted 7 years ago

    What is Active Directory ?


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    Julz09posted 7 years ago

    To answer this simply, Active Directory is a database of users and computers. It is used on a domain controller of a windows server and has the ability to add and remove users from a domain.

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    ClickrNetposted 6 years ago

    In addition, Active Directories central location is where resources are kept, such as files, email, photos etc. on a domain network and are overseen by an administrator. Users that are part of the domain are granted access to those resources by the (admin) basic on  their level of privileges. It's a more secure way of maintain security over resources which in exchange cuts down on virus, stolen information being seen or placed in the wrong hands, as well as a more control setting  over trafficcontrol in the group. Traffic in a network where everyone want resources can cause bottlenecking or for a better word-traffic jams.