How do you stay cool in this unbearable heat?

  1. LonghornGI profile image61
    LonghornGIposted 6 years ago

    How do you stay cool in this unbearable heat?

  2. supplies expert profile image61
    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    Try to stay in air conditioning as much as possible. 

    One thing though that I do when I am home is that I don't set the air conditioning to anything below 74 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn't make sense, it just makes it seem that much hotter outside when you leave your house.  If you keep your house at a little bit warmer than usual and you leave to go outside, yeah it still feels hot, but not as hot outside lol.  I try to trick myself into believing it's not too hot.

  3. 5fingers profile image58
    5fingersposted 6 years ago

    Take lot of water it will help you to be hydrated .
    hope my answer helps