What is Netlog and what have I done?

  1. maddot profile image79
    maddotposted 6 years ago

    What is Netlog and what have I done?

    What is Netlog? Email came today and I thought it was just another dimension of Facebook..but now I'm not so sure.
    I  stupidly signed up and  within half an hour I received an email from a so called soldier in Afghanistan who, doesn't care how I look, but wants me to mother his child! And now another email from a woman claiming she is dying of cancer and wants me to email her! What is this..anyone know what Netlog is?

  2. BreakingUp profile image60
    BreakingUpposted 6 years ago

    SERIOUSLY?!?! What is that thing?! Ok from Wikipedia:

    "Netlog (formerly known as Facebox and Bingbox) is a Belgian social networking website specifically targeted at the European youth demographic.

    The site was founded in July 2003 in Ghent, Belgium, by Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens, and by 2007 had attracted 28 million members.[2] The site now claims to have over 70 million registered users across 25 languages

    On Netlog, members can create their own web page, extend their social network, publish their music playlists, share videos, post blogs and join groups."

    It seems like another Multiply clone