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Is there a way to stop Excel from running data over into the next column?

  1. JerryJupiter profile image61
    JerryJupiterposted 6 years ago

    Is there a way to stop Excel from running data over into the next column?

    In Excel, if theres nothing in the box next to it, the data will just bleed through into the next box and not stop unless there is something in this box. I would like to stop my data from continuing on and have it confined to the box regardless of there being anything in the next box. This seems like something simple and common but unable to find anything about it.

  2. SimeyC profile image97
    SimeyCposted 6 years ago

    The data isn't actually in the next cell - all you have to do is 'Wrap Text' and then expand the height of the row and you should see all the data in the one cell.

  3. JerryJupiter profile image61
    JerryJupiterposted 6 years ago

    Right, sorry I wasn't clear... I know its not actually in the next column... and wrap text won't work for how I need my formatting to be...

    How about this - is there a way to replace all empty cells with some text? I could then have my spreadsheet replace all empty cells with a space or something which would effectively do the same thing

  4. kynthia2374 profile image66
    kynthia2374posted 6 years ago

    You can expand the cell that your data is in.

  5. ktrapp profile image96
    ktrappposted 6 years ago

    If I am understanding your question properly, you just need to increase the width of the column. You can put in a set size or I believe you can have it automatically fit the text.

  6. arksys profile image91
    arksysposted 6 years ago

    If all the empty cells are in a particular column then create a new macro and paste the following code...
    Sub auto_open()

       ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").OnEntry = "DidCellsChange"

    End Sub

    Sub DidCellsChange()
      Dim KeyCells As String
       KeyCells = "A1:A10"
       If Not Application.Intersect(ActiveCell, Range(KeyCells)) _
       Is Nothing Then KeyCellsChanged

    End Sub

    Sub KeyCellsChanged()
       Dim Cell As Object
       For Each Cell In Range("B1:B10")
       If Cell = Null Then
       Cell.Value = " "
       End If
       Next Cell
    End Sub
    In the Code you will need to change 2 items.

    "A1:A10" will be monitored for any changes at all times.
    "B1:B10" values will change automatically to a space even if one cell is filled.

    make sure to save the excel file as macro-enabled excel file. xlsm extension.
    once saved close the excel file then re-open ... the macro will start working.
    if you have any quesitons then let me know.

  7. profile image50
    bobbykingstonposted 4 years ago

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  8. KeithRMarshall profile image55
    KeithRMarshallposted 3 years ago

    Created an account just to answer this for future viewers.  There is a way to force this.  On the next blank cell input a singel quote ( ' ).  While this will not help JerryJupiter two years in the past, hopefully it helps others in the future.