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What can I really do with a tablet?

  1. kootheancheah profile image58
    kootheancheahposted 6 years ago

    What can I really do with a tablet?

    Besides surfing, emailing, interacting on socia media, listening to songs, watching video, playing games, can I do these simple functions with a tablet?
    1. Copy a document/picture from the Web and paste into Word or Excel?
    2. Can I work on a Word document like in a normal laptop?
    3. Connect a printer to a tablet and print from it directly?
    4. Connect a mouse to a tablet?
    Any tablet can do the above 4 functions?

  2. dcd108 profile image61
    dcd108posted 6 years ago

    Hi, kootheancheah,
    Well, let's see...
    1. Yes, you can copy/insert documents, but it may not be Microsoft Office there, but some other office software of a compatible format.
    2. Yes, again, but keep in mind that in order to comfortably work on a tablet with a text document, you will need a docking keyboard, otherwise typing (lots of it) may be a problem.
    3. Yes, the majority of tablets have USB ports (i think all of them have as it is a standard today), to which you can plug your printer; but I don't know about the drivers, never tried doing this.
    4. Mouse? No problem, either through USB   or a docking station/keyboard.
    As far as I know, almost any tablet can do all these things, with the different amount of usability/performance, I guess. Hope, this helps.

  3. lbramos profile image73
    lbramosposted 6 years ago


    I have the iPad so I'll answer based on that.

    1 - Yes, you can copy images to word documents, you just have to buy the correct app

    2 - Yes, if you don't mind using the touch keyboard. But you also keyboards that you can connect to it, but you loose a little bit the mobilty advantage of the laptop

    3 - You can print form the iPad to some printers (check apple site for a list of compatible printers)

    4 - There are some mouses that you can connect to the ipad, via bluetooth

    So, the iPad will work for what you want, and here's some other features that you may like: http://www.pcworld.com/article/196415/1 … _ipad.html

  4. kootheancheah profile image58
    kootheancheahposted 6 years ago


    Thanks for the reply. So, you need some special printer to do the printing? Doesn't work on any printer? Printer is connected through USB cable?

    I am debating to get a netbook or a tablet.  I like the convenience of tablet but if the functions are too limited then I will get a netbook or very light notebook.