When is the Kindle Fire due for UK release?

  1. KarenCreftor profile image87
    KarenCreftorposted 6 years ago

    When is the Kindle Fire due for UK release?

  2. Daisy Mariposa profile image86
    Daisy Mariposaposted 6 years ago


    Unfortunately, Amazon has not given any indication regarding when the Kindle Fire will be shipped to other countries. I haven't even read any rumors about this.

    Right now, one must be a US resident, with a US shipping address, and a US credit card in order to purchase a Kindle Fire online.

    If someone were to travel to the US to purchase a Fire in a store (rather than ordering it online from Amazon) and bring the device back to the UK, many of the features of the Fire would not be available.

  3. plussize-lingerie profile image59
    plussize-lingerieposted 6 years ago

    As Daisy says Amazon has not given any dates for a UK release, although rather oddly one store I found claims to have stock:
    http://www.simplyelectronics.net/mainpr … c1f041babc

    Personally I would wait or look at the alternatives. I have an Asus Transformer, which can be a tablet or attach a keyboard with trackpad, and it is awesome. It plays all movie types, has Flash on webpages (though Adobe says no future updates) and a good battery life. Some niggles with it, but overall, I love it. Oh, and I use it as a Kindle.