Is my iPod recoverable?

  1. Josh Zimmerman profile image54
    Josh Zimmermanposted 6 years ago

    Is my iPod recoverable?

    Carpe... I have an 80gb iPod classic.  It was working fine until today.  I initially received a message from itunes telling my my ipod was corrupt but I couldn't utilize any of itunes' restore functions.  Then itunes stopped recognizing my ipod all together.  I've tried all of the diagnostic and reset methogs mentioned on numerous other forums.  No matter what, every time I re-attach my iPod, Windows prompts me to format my G drive.  This is regardless of whichever USB port I plug the iPod into, the type of cable I use, etc.  Every time I try to format my G drive, the format always fails.

  2. VictorG profile image61
    VictorGposted 6 years ago

    If you have attempted a restore the correct way specified by Apple, which is through iTunes, and it still does not work, your iPod is probably corrupt.

    Restoring it via a non-iTunes window reformat is NOT the correct way to fix an iPod.

    You can try their troubleshooting steps( , however if the restore doesn't work, they suggest taking it to the Apple store to check it out.