Does anyone think that this Facebook IPO is going to be valued too high at 100bi

  1. ntmarketing profile image60
    ntmarketingposted 6 years ago

    Does anyone think that this Facebook IPO is going to be valued too high at 100billion?

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    Giselle Maineposted 6 years ago

    Yes I think the Facebook IPO is valued to high.  This is because its future prospects are really unclear. Of course, with any type of business future prospects are uncertain.  But Facebook exists only in the virtual world.  Facebook is in a much more ephemeral situation than, say, a mining company that had discovered a new, extractable source of copper, for example.  Besides, any alternative social networking tool could overtake Facebook and not much would be lost (in terms of consumers who use Facebook - as it is not an essential tool, unlike cellphones or email.  Those who use Facebook for job networking would have as good or better prospects on LinkedIn as it is designed specifically for that purpose).  So for all the reasons I have given here, I think the Facebook IPO is valued way too high.

  3. Alladream74 profile image77
    Alladream74posted 6 years ago

    Very good analysis Giselle. I agree that they aimed too high for such a business.If another "Apple" effect happens in the social networking business,Facebook is in trouble.Look at how Google shook their foundations with the introduction of Google +.

    My take on it is that they should have started lower and then built on the confidence of the shareholders.Furthermore, I think Facebook needs to develop an essential aspect of business that is tangible. Google has secured the search industry, ventured into mobile technology among many others. Apple has revolutionised the smartphone industry and now is taking on the textbook industry-changing the way we work,play and interact.Facebook has done nothing more to date,social trends will change,Facebook needs to position itself for these changes.MAybe they have a plan...