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What is Panda 3.3 and how can/does it affect hub/page views?

  1. Bills Place profile image81
    Bills Placeposted 6 years ago

    What is Panda 3.3 and how can/does it affect hub/page views?

    I have seen "Panda 3.3" mentioned several times today while surfing HubPages. People saying their hub views are suddenly dropping lately since a recent release. I have never heard of Panda before so I was curious of what it is exactly, and how is it affecting page views?

  2. sportgames profile image61
    sportgamesposted 6 years ago

    Panda is the algorithm that google uses in order to rank pages in searches. The last update has made hubpages and others, that used to have a lot of visitors based on articles, to have less visitors.

  3. jessicaseo profile image61
    jessicaseoposted 6 years ago

    Hi Bills,

    As per stated by Google its Panda update was straight and clear about the quality of content by which it does not mean just unique content but catchy and informative as well. Now you need to be less promotional and more informational to get listing and consideration from the big G. As far as the drop in hub views are concerned it could mostly be because of the content factor. 'Content is the King' from a say now it has become reality and that too with a big coverage. My conclusion with more updates makes me to think that Google will totally change the way SEO was related with backlinks as with the 3.3 update it is also lowering the value of backlinks which is a bad news especially for webmasters and SEO firms. However I think hub views will not drop rather there will boost up with the traffic, I too have posted hubs and views are increasing. You must consider increment in the views of hubs posted months back as here something fresh content update by the big G comes in effect. If you have passion to write, have confidence in yourself and can do extensive research before placing your mind then don't worry about your post views, I assure it will increase.


  4. georgescifo profile image77
    georgescifoposted 6 years ago

    Well, I am getting some positive results after this Panda 3.3 algo and  am waiting more to see the effects of this update..