How to get more YouTube subscribers?

  1. bkgroup profile image49
    bkgroupposted 6 years ago

    How to get more YouTube subscribers?

    I have two YouTube channels out of which I am using 1 channel is under entertainment category and another one is how to guide.My question is that How I can increase my subscriber count as well as my YouTube video views?

  2. Paulius profile image67
    Pauliusposted 6 years ago

    Hang around the right community... google by your thing.
    By community I don't mean the social net but the group IN the social net.
    Like groups in facebook.
    Join the one that let you share video easily. In this case you're right to choose Youtube.

    Join in... and share your video but share wisely.
    This is where picking the community that inline with your interest is important.
    Flow with what the community is tune in at the moment. Participate sincerely. Share within the context of the community's activity.

    Never EVER spam.
    No matter how good or important your video is.