What exactly is an IPAD?

  1. Karen Hellier profile image94
    Karen Hellierposted 5 years ago

    What exactly is an IPAD?

    I am technology challenged...what is an Ipad and what are the benefits of getting one?

  2. Khal Blogo profile image61
    Khal Blogoposted 5 years ago

    An ipad is a tablet. A tablet is like a laptop but without the keyboard and mouse, it's a one-piece gadget. The benefit to tablets is that they're easier to carry than laptops but also have more uses then smartphones. You can surf the web, see movies, read books, edit texts etc. and do other things that you can't do on a smartphone(or at least, can't do very well on a smartphone). If you're buying you're first tablet, i recommend you buy a Kindle Fire(i have a hub about it), because it's cheaper, so if you don't like it, you won't lose too much money.

  3. jeyaramd profile image75
    jeyaramdposted 5 years ago

    I think a lot of people would enjoy an iPad - a tablet manufactured by Apple. The creators of the iPhone (cell phone) and the macbook (laptop computer). The iPad is good in a sense that it allows you do many things through the apps. There are apps that will allow you to read your news. There are apps to organize your shopping list, to paying bills, to reading online textbooks, to playing games. There is an app for almost anything under the sun. The iPad is cool; because you can use it to watch your photos. As well as surf the internet. Now, with the iPad3, the tablet is even better with better quality display (retina). Many people who are not into gadgets are finding the iPad easy to use. Its very user friendly and easy to maneuver. Hopefully, this advice helps. i wrote a blog about iPad3. You might find that useful as well. Thanks for asking a great question.