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What is the best printer to buy for the home?

  1. oceansnsunsets profile image88
    oceansnsunsetsposted 5 years ago

    What is the best printer to buy for the home?

    With all things considered, what kind of printer is best for overall performance, and that is economical.  The ink cartridges  can get so expensive, etc.  What is your experience with printers, good and bad, and if you can give any advice on recommendations that would be great.

  2. YvetteParker profile image76
    YvetteParkerposted 5 years ago

    I prefer HP All-In-One printers for the following reasons:
    1) They tend to be more durable and will last forever. I still have one (920C) that was bought in 1995, and it still works.
    2) Paper jams are a rarity.
    3) The ink is relatively reasonable in comparison to others and the printer will still work without replacing both cartridges
    4) Setup is easy.
    5) Quality is good.
    The only disadvantage is that it only has the auto paper feeder and not a flatbed.

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    Printers see me coming and break way before their time. I have had expensive printers and cheap printers...and I stick with the cheap ones.  I may spend $50 to $75 and use it until it decides it has had enough of me....and quits.  And I buy a new one.  I like HP

  4. MarkSmithPA profile image69
    MarkSmithPAposted 5 years ago

    I sell printers at Staples. These are my thoughts about printers.

    Questions to Ask Yourself.

    Do you print Black and Color?
    Do you print Photos on glossy photo paper?
    Do you need the Fax machine built in?
    How much do you print a month?
    Are you going to be using this printer with more than one computer?
    Do you have limited space for where you are going to put the printer?
    Are you going to be taking the printer with you anywhere?
    Do you want auto 2 sided printing?

    And I'm sure there are some other questions that are good to ask but I forget smile
    Usually after answering the questions above it can break down the large selection of printers down to a couple that are right for you.

    As far as Ink goes. I compare ink cost to gasoline. If you want to drive you have to spend however much the gas price is. It's the same with ink. Ink is really never cheap. If you get a cheaper set of ink. A lot of times It will not last as long or leak. Buying name brand ink normally works better in your printer but it's more expensive.

    You want to narrow your search down to a couple printers that you like and will do everything you need.
    Then find out what ink cartridges they take.
    Then compare the prices of the cartridges and the amount of printed pages it gives you.
    Go with the printer that gives you the best print volume and the lowest price for the set of cartridges.

    I prefer HP printers myself. I'm a big HP fan and they have been working well for me for years.

    "About printers breaking" You often pay for what you get in my opinion. Not saying more expensive printers will not break but, This usually plays a big part in the life span of a printer. All you can do about this is get a protection plan if your worried about your printer breaking. Not many places repair printers.

    Hope this helps Thanks!

  5. profile image49
    TomScott123posted 4 years ago

    For your home use don't ever buy the Canon Pixma Printer because it will be very costly to you for your home use. Because the print per page performance is very low as well as the cartridges are too costly as well and you can not refill them for more than 2 or 3 times. But if you are in search of Industrial Printer than Industrial Inkjet Printer from "citronix uk" can be very helpful to you.