What would be the future of mobile manufacturers

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    ahmed.bposted 5 years ago

    What would be the future of mobile manufacturers

    Now a days we have option of three most famous OS  for mobile devices. It seems mobile manufacturing will become more of like a hardware producer. And I think that day is not far when you go to shope and just like a desktop today ask them different essentials of mobile set, ask them casing of your choice and then buy OS of your choise and insall it on your mobile. And may be if you get bored to some OS then like a PC you would opt to change the OS of your mobile devise as well.

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    JSimpleposted 5 years ago

    Mobile is moving towards a any device mobile capability.  An example is Verizon Wireless and a major camera company are going to launch a commercial grade, camera with a built in Verizon Wireless 4G LTE chip inside that will allow a photographer or a blogger to report something instantly and upload it at the same time a picture or a video.  Samsung, has a Phone/Tablet device called the Note, and THC is coming out with a competing product.  Google is already working on eye wear, that will be just like in the movies, you will see everything with your iris.