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What was the longest time you were waiting at a red light?

  1. BlissfulWriter profile image68
    BlissfulWriterposted 5 years ago

    What was the longest time you were waiting at a red light?

    I once was stuck at a red light for 8 minutes.  I noted the clock in the car.  It turned out that the green light is triggered by sensor and the car was not positioned correctly over the sensor.

  2. wecode profile image54
    wecodeposted 5 years ago

    I have never experienced such situation. This totally new for me and must do a research on this.

  3. precy anza profile image84
    precy anzaposted 5 years ago

    There were times I noticed I was being on a red light for quite a long time but I don't looked at the time. Probably 5 minutes. Lol. I just knew it that it was taking some time because when I was expecting it was going to turn green, the other side of the road went on a green light AGAIN, twice already, while it should have been my lanes turn. I also noticed, when my car was too far from the line, it takes some time. I don't know if it was just coincidence but many times when I was on a red light and too far from the white line, I would move forward until my front was just right on the line and the light would turn green. ( And I noticed other cars in front of me doing it too and it does work.)

    I heard before those lines has the censor, which also activates the police enforcement cameras to take a photo when a car beats a red light.

  4. OldSkoolFool profile image60
    OldSkoolFoolposted 5 years ago

    Aww man, just the other day I waited like 7 minutes. The longest wait times are late at night or early AM. It's awful.

  5. andur92 profile image61
    andur92posted 5 years ago

    Around 5 minutes. It was very annoying. smile

  6. Harry Santos profile image57
    Harry Santosposted 5 years ago

    I'm from Manila. There are times when the stoplights are broken here. haha It never turned green so I had to run on a red light haha.

  7. Alexander Mark profile image83
    Alexander Markposted 5 years ago

    5 minutes to eternity. Usually, it takes about 3 minutes before you realize you've been duped. Certain lights refuse to turn, like one by the gas station I always go to, especially at night it never turns and I have to run it. I am learning to just avoid it. Many lights in my neighborhood won't turn until another car comes from the crossing directions, which make no sense to me. That tells me that they are horribly programmed and now if there is no one else around, I stop, look around and go. They are supposed to be for our safety, but most stoplights only do two things it seems, waste your gas and they never turn green for both directions at the same time. So at least they are safe. But I'd rather deal with a stop sign - no faulty programming required.