I have trouble getting into the Amazon Mechanical Turk HITS.

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    jasbearposted 5 years ago

    I have trouble getting into the Amazon Mechanical Turk HITS.

    I will take a job and see the blank boxed in area but it won't allow me to type anything. I have had to give up the job and I notified Amazon and the person wanting the assignment done so it doesn't count against me for future jobs. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know of?

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    kumar24894posted 5 years ago

    1. Sign up for an Amazon Mechanical Turk account.

    2. Browse through the HITs to find one of interest. The search engine allows various searches based on such things as reward amount, most time allowed and most recently posted HITs. View more detail on a HIT by clicking on "View a HIT in this Group." Successfully complete a Qualification Test to be qualified for certain kinds of HITs.

    3.Accept the HIT by clicking the "Accept HIT" button. There will be a time limit to complete the HIT. You may do as many HITs as you want, in any order.

    4. Complete the HIT within the time allowed. Submit it using the "Submit HIT" button.

    5. Wait for HIT approval. Once the HIT is approved, the reward will be posted to the user's Amazon MTurk account as shown on the MTurk Dashboard. This account can either be converted to an Amazon gift certificate or transferred to a U.S. checking account.