What is the best machine learning algorithms (Artificial intelligence) for a gam

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    Shanaayaposted 5 years ago

    What is the best machine learning algorithms (Artificial intelligence) for a game of checkers?

    My university final year project is about machine learning in boardgames. what according to you is the best algorithm that I can use for a game of checkers. it should support the python language.

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    This program is a dialogable Othello game so that a human player can play Othello and have conversation with A.I. player during the game. The dialogable feature is motivated from a real-world game environment in which a human expresses something about the way the game is going. You can imagine a human player expressing glee, frustration, surprise, amazement, etc. So, why not A.I. player have this human touch as well? Both game playing engine and natural-language engine have been one of the mainstream of the development in the field of artificial intelligence. In this program, however, both of them have very limited capability since the main goal of the program is to demonstrate how they can be accomplished and motivate ourselves for further developments. Once again, it may be the simplest one to show the techniques for searching and natural-language interface.

    The program is written in Python and consists of two source files: GameInterface.py, Othello.py, or download zipped file

    How to execute the program:  First, you need to have Python installed on your system. Download Python for Window, Linux, Mac. If you have Python installed on your system, just double-click on GameInterface.py or run the file under Python IDLE whose shortcut must have been placed in a program group in the start menu of Windows.     

    Sample Session - see screen shot   


    To execute the program, just double-click on GameInterface.py or run the file under Python IDLE.
    Once the program starts, you can freely have conversation with A.I. player.
    To start a game, just tell A.I. player something like Let's play a game, I want to start a game, etc.
    Once the game starts, you can play the game by saying something like "Place a disc at d, 3, Put a piece at c 2, or more preferably just c 2. Note that the indecies of row and column MUST be separated by a SPACE whether or not it is separated by a comma.
    For display options, you can say something like:
    Show my move - display the indices of movements that you and A.I player just made
    Show the statistics - display the statistics of searching that A.I. performed for its move.
    Show the search time - display the time taken for A.I. to search a best-move
    Show the maxply - display the maximum depth of searching tree that A.I. look for
    Set the maxply to 3 - the lower maxply is set, you may have higher tendency to win over A.I.
    To exit the game or program, you may say Bye, Quit, etc.