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Is it still possible to send a telegram?

  1. JKenny profile image94
    JKennyposted 5 years ago

    Is it still possible to send a telegram?

    I'm not interested in sending one at all. I just want to know whether it's still possible?

  2. 34th Bomb Group profile image60
    34th Bomb Groupposted 5 years ago

    Yes - go to your large grocery store. (I don't want to make it longer!)

  3. larryprice5372 profile image69
    larryprice5372posted 5 years ago


    Call Western Union.  There is no money in competition when delivering peersonal messages from a vehicle to your home. There is also no reason to do so.  It's all about the almight dollar made a profit.

    Hey, thats not to say Western Union won't email something for you.  They probably send messages through the cellphone networks also.

  4. StandingJaguar profile image78
    StandingJaguarposted 5 years ago

    I guess emails and instant messages are the new "telegram". The only difference is that modern emails hide the code necessary for the message to transmit and translate it for you, so no man in a booth.

  5. thumbappoo profile image75
    thumbappooposted 5 years ago

    Yes. In India, even today, we used to send a lot of greetings and condolence messages by telegram. These messages will be delivered directly to the addressee by the post man. On formal occasions, telegrams are still considered to be a superior option than cheap SMS messages or e-mails.

    1. thumbappoo profile image75
      thumbappooposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      'Curtains down for 160-yr-old telegram service. e-mails and SMS seem to have pushed the humble telegram service to a quiet corner with the BSNL deciding to discontinue the 160-year-old telegraph service from July 15'.- Press Trust of India, 13 jun13

  6. aykianink profile image60
    aykianinkposted 5 years ago

    On topic:I think your body of text for the question said it best, "I'm not interested in sending one at all."  I imagine most standard telegrams are going the way of the dodo.  In America at least, almost anything involving human labor makes the prices of things soar.  In this case, it wouldn't even be a just a person speaking into a phone, it'd be like the mailman, requiring an able-bodied person to walk up to a residence and talk with them in understandable English.

    Off topic:  how exactly does one get a score of 100?  One hundred IS the cap right?  I've never seen 101 or more.

  7. Pauline Davenport profile image60
    Pauline Davenportposted 5 years ago

    Can't send one from here at all. It seems like a little bit of romance went out of the world when telegrams were abolished. I'm not sure when they stopped though. My husband's birth was announced to his family in another part of the country nearly 60 years ago, but I'm not sure how long they carried on after that. I guess it's abit like hand written letters too - we can e-mail, but you can make written ones look really lovely can't you with dried flowers and perfume and such - romance again- and of course you can't do that over the ether - ah well - guess I almost answered the question JKenny before I got carried away......