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Any advice for getting more Twitter followers?

  1. Careermommy profile image80
    Careermommyposted 4 years ago

    Any advice for getting more Twitter followers?

    Hello Hubbers!  I joined Twitter not too long ago.  Does anyone have advice on how to gain more followers? I've retweeted other tweets, as some suggested, but it feels like an uphill battle.  Thanks for any advice and/or any follows!

  2. CyberFreak profile image78
    CyberFreakposted 4 years ago

    I happened to write an article on that subject sometime ago, so if you wanted you could check it out in my profile.

    I hope it helps you get a clue on what kind of "tweets" or other Twitter behavior seems to be attracting followers in the long run.

    1. Careermommy profile image80
      Careermommyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      CyberFreak, I will read your article.  Thank you so much for your help!

  3. sam.azgor profile image77
    sam.azgorposted 4 years ago

    you can try twiends.com. just log in everyday. you'll get 10 points. your follower may increase a little bit but the maximum followers are fake or inactive or spammy.

    1. Careermommy profile image80
      Careermommyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Sam.  I will definitely look into that!

  4. heidithorne profile image99
    heidithorneposted 4 years ago

    It is an uphill battle... at first. I've been on since 2008 and I've actually gotten new paying clients through Twitter and now have over 4,500 followers. Check out the hub I did on getting started on Twitter which might have a few tips you can pick up. I also have some posts on Twitter located on my mobile marketing blog if you're interested.

    I took a peek at your profile. Photo, real name, location is perfect, but your bio is missing! Make sure you fill that out. People often decide whether to follow you based entirely on your bio. You have a lot to offer! Tell them what they can expect.

    Since you're focused on career mom issues, a great person to follow is Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms @foundingmom (she's in Chicago area). She's got a huge community of mompreneurs and is a PR maven. Scan through the list of folks she's following and that follow her. Start interacting with some of them who post interesting stuff.

    BTW, I started following you. So you have at least one more follower. smile Don't give up!

    1. Careermommy profile image80
      Careermommyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hedi, thank you for this valuable info.  I didn't even realize my bio was missing!  I will fix that.  Thank you for the advice.  I will look into Jill Salzman.  That's a great lead.  And, thank you for the follow!  4500 followers is impressive!

  5. Billie Kelpin profile image87
    Billie Kelpinposted 4 years ago

    I asked a similar question and had a wonderful response from a fellow hub writer who said to be sure always offer something to your twitter friends.  It doesn't always have to be about your focus either. People in the same fields tend to have similar interests.  For example, language interpreters tend to be interested in gardening and writing! Go figure. (That's how the Strong Campbell Interest tests for finding a career were normed - on similarities of hobbies and interests in people in a certain field of endeavor).

    I found that I get followers on twitter without trying related to each name I use. I had chosen leftpawedpuppy as a Twitter name because It's actually part of my children's ebook's name, BUT people cue into the name and follow you because of it. With that account, I get all kinds of dog grooming, pet stores, etc. following me out of the blue! 

    When I figured out the relationship to the Twitter name, I opened another account when I wanted to promote my Academy Award Solitaire game under "billiehollywood".  That gave me "permission" or a logical reason to post links OCCASIONALLY to my game and then to comment on other matters related to the Academy Awards.  You can also search for "career moms" as you know in twitter if you want to get more of that audience or maybe "Parent tips" or "hints for moms" on twitter and follow those people, always remembering to be generous in your offerings and "not overly commercial" as my fellow hub writer suggested. 

    I tweet the great hub articles here that are related to my twitter account. For example, if Dr.Mark, the veternarian posts an article about dogs, I tweet it on my leftpawedpuppy account.  Then later that day, I might tweet the link to my book.  If we all did this for each other, we'd have lots of synergy (if that's the correct use of the term). 

    If you search for "twitter tips" here on hubpages, there are some Great hubs on that topic.  PS, when I went to your profile and tried to follow you on Twitter, the link didn't work, so I can't find your twitter name.  I can tweet this question from here, but don't know by what name to follow you.

    1. Careermommy profile image80
      Careermommyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Billie, this is excellent advice!  Thank you for catching my broken Twitter link. I fixed it. If you still want to follow I'll return the favor.  I will also look for twitter tips on HP.  Thank you very much!