What is the best free plagiarism checker?

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  1. Vinaya Ghimire profile image80
    Vinaya Ghimireposted 10 years ago

    What is the best free plagiarism checker?

    I have used DupliChecker and Plagtracker. Perhaps these sites work well because I have never received duplicate or plagiarism warnings on my hubs. But I wonder if these sites actually catch plagiarism or duplicate contents.

  2. chef-de-jour profile image95
    chef-de-jourposted 10 years ago

    Good question Vinaya. I don't know about the two sites you mention I only know that plagiarism is rife online and needs to be watched. The bottom line is - it cannot be stopped only deterred! I'm waiting for the day when Google or some other search engine giant comes up with a foolproof way of copyrighting every original article written online! And puts an end to blatant stealing of our words!

    Meanwhile - having been a recent victim of plagiarism/stolen content I've been using Copyscape which as you know is not a preventer or catcher, it only allows you to enter a URL. The Hubpages 'copied' icon hasn't worked on any of the hubs that were copied and I got no notcie of duplicate content from Webmasters. I only found out my material was stolen after joining in with a Hubpages forum! Judie B the hubber set the ball rolling by exposing a cheap and tacky website (based in China I think) with loads of stolen hubs just copied out.

    You should check the forums for more information because some of your material could be out there copied and stolen. I hope not for your sake. It's not a pleasant feeling!

    Good luck, take care.

    1. I Am Rosa profile image83
      I Am Rosaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I found copyscape totally useless.  Every search I tried brought up hundreds of other hubs because the program found lots of things that are identical on all the hubs:

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  3. I Am Rosa profile image83
    I Am Rosaposted 10 years ago

    Hey Vinaya :-)

    I don't know of any other free sites where you can check for plagiarism except for Copyscape and as I said in my comment to chef-de-jour, I found that one useless.

    I can, however clear up if DupliChecker and Plagtracker work well.  After I read this question, I went to both of those sites to test them.  I used some text from my Cocoa Butter article that has been stolen and used by a company that sells cocoa butter - including Amazon.

    DupliChecker found 14 instances of my text on the internet.
    Plagtracker found only one - my original hub.

    Hope that helps ease your mind a bit :-)

  4. ChitrangadaSharan profile image90
    ChitrangadaSharanposted 10 years ago

    I am interested to know the answer, so I will follow the question. So far 4 of my hubs have been copied. I followed all the suggestions given by fellow hubbers but nothing came out. Somehow I feel this can not be stopped in online writing. This is depressing.
    I agree with chef-de-jour, that Google should discover some other ways to stop this.

  5. teaches12345 profile image78
    teaches12345posted 10 years ago

    I don't know the answer to this, but am interested in finding out what works best.  I will look into the ones you have mentioned.  Plagiarism is something I do not every want to be accused of when writing.

  6. RetroDJ profile image58
    RetroDJposted 10 years ago

    I've always used copyscape.  It helped me see that my website was being completely copied in an attempt by a competitor to force a duplicate content penalty from google.  To say the least they received a cease & desist letter.

  7. mujtabasworld profile image60
    mujtabasworldposted 10 years ago

    I use plagiarism and it comes with number of results for the text u entered. If u check these results, it highlights the text from that particular site that is using your text. Hope it helps you too.

  8. mannie blake profile image59
    mannie blakeposted 9 years ago

    1. Doc Cop- requires registration (with email confirmation). Its free version allows for only 75-word text check and no more than two checks a day.
    2. paperrater- www.paperrater.com/plagiarism_checker
    3. DupliChecker - duplicheckerDupliChecker is a tool 100% free to use
    4.Plagium- a free, easy to use checker for essays
    4. iWriteessays- http://www.iwriteessays.com/blog/check-plagiarism-free
    5.Viper- downloadable checker for windows
    6. Plagiarism Detector-http://plagiarismdetector.net/

    I think viper is the best because it can performa a "deep search" and find "hidden" plagiarism in pdfs and books


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