Can you upgrade a Netbook?

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    andy103posted 4 years ago

    Can you upgrade a Netbook?

    I have a 2008ish Acer Aspire one netbook and it runs pretty slowly opening pages or programs or anything. I completely wiped and reset it recently so there isn't much there to slow it down and I'm not sure what else there is to due but upgrade maybe the RAM? I was wondering if that is even possible with a netbook?

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    Zubair Ahmedposted 4 years ago

    on a netbook you are limited to what you can do.  Check to see if you have the maximum allowed RAM, if not then you may buy extra RAM and add that in.  YOu could also try running optimisation software which will clean out cache memory, stored files etc.  You could also try defragmenting your hard disk.  If you have a small HD then you may consider upgrading that to a solid state HD.  Make sure you check with ACER docs to see of SSD HD is supported.

    All the best