IPhone 6 or an ordinary android smartphone?

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    Dominic Rioverosposted 3 years ago

    IPhone 6 or an ordinary android smartphone?

    For me I Would go for the Android Smartphones cause Iphone6 Is to much Expensive In Every Country
    but Android phones are good and specialy they are low cost phones but high end made What do you think Guys Iphone or ANdroid
    Sorry not a good writer XD


  2. koerakoonlane profile image80
    koerakoonlaneposted 3 years ago

    Absolutely. Apple has got so stuck in their procedure where they first release a basic product, which a year later gets fixes and real features, that people have started massively losing trust in them.

    It's OK to do it few times, especially when they were still at the height of their popularity, real market leaders with an actual technological edge, but now it's already sixth time they follow exact same pattern - to an extent where the release date of iPhone 6 was predicted months ahead. Today there are more stylish, more expensive, more edgy, more advanced alternatives available. The only reason people still buy Apple is because of average customer's high sense of fidelity - something which a smart company should never risk to jeopardize, especially after having quite recently lost their guru and spokesperson. I don't think the market will forget them these tricks without Steve Jobs' charismatic persona around.

  3. DealForALiving profile image94
    DealForALivingposted 3 years ago

    The iPhone 6 looks awesome. If you like Apple, get the 6 and live happy.
    You'll still get the best app selection, best resale value, and a very good phone.