.ai file error

  1. kasenarnold profile image40
    kasenarnoldposted 2 years ago

    .ai file error

    It has the following problems, today I was not able to open the file in Adobe Illustrator 19.0 application gives the following error: "The file is damaged and could not be repaired."
    How to open the image without loss of data in the file?

  2. dylanfrancis profile image60
    dylanfrancisposted 2 years ago

    Place the damaged Illustrator file in a new Illustrator file - it is one of the methods that can help

    Otherwise see helpful topics about .AI file restoration

    http://forums.techguy.org/digital-photo … s-cs2.html
    https://getsatisfaction.com/adobe/topic … ator-files

    When your .AI file is hardly damaged, you may refer to powerful solution https://illustrator.recoverytoolbox.com/ Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator

    I've discovered a fix that worked for me in un-corrupting corrupt adobe Illustrator files - quite by accident. Hope this helps someone!!
    Requires Acrobat (not just the Reader).
    Works on (and was tested in) Illustrator version 10 and all CS versions.
    >Open the corrupt file in Acrobat.
    >Take the arrow tool.
    >Click on any element or text in the document.
    >Just move the object by hitting one of the directional arrows on your keyboard.
    >File, Save.
    >Open the file in Illustrator.
    >It will say 'this file has been modified outside of Illustrator' or something to that effect. it will ask if you want to keep changes.
    >Say 'Yes' (or OK)