"Excel 2013 has stopped working".

  1. AxelBotrel profile image60
    AxelBotrelposted 2 years ago

    "Excel 2013 has stopped working".

    Every time I'd open Excel 2013 under Windows 8, it would crash instantly, leaving me a message: "Excel 2013 has stopped working". I looked around and found a few solutions, but nothing worked for me.

  2. severomero profile image60
    severomeroposted 2 years ago

    Apparently in some cases all you need to do is start Excel/Word/Powerpoint/Outlook as Administrator in order to get permissions to do something on the computer. If you're using Windows 7, right-click the application in the Start Menu and click "Run as administrator". See if this works for you.

    In Windows 8, open the Home screen, find the application you're trying to open; right-click it and select "Open as administrator" at the bottom.
    . If you are still experiencing the issue I can suggest this program Excel Repair Toolbox

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    Melvingreggposted 24 months ago

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