Youtube sound delay

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    artspeckposted 8 years ago

    The videos I have uploaded to Youtube recently have all got a long time delay on the sound. When I upload the same videos to Yahoo the sound is as it should be.

    I don�t think it could be my coding errors because of the Yahoo videos being OK.

    Please help me by first watching

    At about 1min 04 the shot is from the back of a green car with the plate DIPSY.

    You may hear my wife say �DIPSY� and the my voice saying �DIPSY�.

    So we have established that the soundtrack on the Yahoo version is in sync with the shots.

    Now please watch the same video on YouTube

    Again at 1 min 04 is the â��DIPSYâ�� shot, but the â��DIPSYâ�� words are not heard until 1 min 17 seconds, a full  13 seconds later.
    Please offer any suggestions, as it ruins my videos.

    If a more emphatic demonstration of YouTube is necessary, please watch and take note of the drama in the changes in music here first: then here DIABOLICAL !