ShopNCook Menu - Meal Planning for Mac 3.4.3

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    Janet49posted 7 years ago

    I have been a retired chef and you could take a guess � Anyways at this age of mine, I have collected a lot of recipes from friends, colleagues as well as from return customers in the hotel I use to work in who would like me to cook something special for them. You could just imagine how those recipes have accumulated all these years. I have been keeping them all in my good old functional recipe boxes (yes, boxes). Since I still love cooking and still collecting recipes, no not putting them in recipe boxes anymore because it has been taking some space already on my kitchen counter top. I wanted the recipes to be more organized and so I searched through the net  for  a  software package program that would make things easier for me when I have to cook for visitors or family visiting. Tried and, loved it eventually bought it. Check it out!