1. tthudium profile image60
    tthudiumposted 7 years ago

    I hope I posted this in the right forum. I have been using Imautomator for about a week, and LOVE IT. Do you know any other auto backlinking service for free like Imautomator. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    I used it for their free trial period. It was easy to use and track-- but I really didn't see any benefits for myself.
    Maybe it was just my hubs. I submitted about 80. Perhaps they are looking for more commercial or more SEO optimized hubs. The concept sounds good, I'm not too savvy in these things, but didn't really recognize any of the sites they were submitting to (which means nothing, really).

  3. Hovalis profile image86
    Hovalisposted 7 years ago

    I use the paid service there, mainly because I don't have the time to spend backlinking, but want to get at least something out there. It is a bit hard to gauge at the moment because I've set all my backlinks onto the trickle option, which is one link added about every four days, but I have seen a steady increase in traffic since using it.

    You have to be aware that not all of the links will 'take' so to speak. There have been some sites which the URL for Hubpages is blocked, and others where it fails because of server and log in errors. The other disadvantage I can see, is of the over 50 sites currently submitted to by the site, most are between PR0-PR2 sites. That said, the developer is constantly updating, and her next project is to allow paid users to resubmit finished jobs to take advantage of new sites.

    So, yes, I have seen a difference, and overall I think it is value for money, but I don't think that everyone would. It depends on your circumstances. btw I believe all the paid slots are taken up atm, and there are only 100 of those presently. The owner wants to develop more products before opening membership up further.