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6 Terrifying New Weapons Being Created by the Pentagon

  1. Dennis Pace profile image60
    Dennis Paceposted 6 years ago

    Coming to a place near you, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    6 Terrifying New Weapons Being Created by the Pentagon

    How your government is planning to kill zillions more of (my friends) and their enemies: One government agency is always forward-looking, the Department of Defense�s blue skies research branch, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

    Born in the wake of an American panic over the 1957 Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite, DARPA set to work keeping the Pentagon ahead of potential adversaries on the technology front. It counts the Internet and the Global Positioning System among its triumphs, and psychic spying and a mechanical elephant designed for use in the jungles of Southeast Asia among its many failures. It also boasts a long legacy when it comes to creating and enhancing lethal technologies, including M-16 rifles, Predator drones, stealth fighters, Tomahawk cruise missiles, and B-52 bombers, which have been employed in conflicts across the globe.

    Today, DARPA is carrying on that more than half-century-old tradition through a host of programs designed with war, death, and destruction in mind. Wielding a budget of about $3 billion a year and investing heavily in futuristic weaponry and other military technology, it is undoubtedly helping to fuel the arms races of 2020 and 2030.
    All of its planning is, however, shrouded in remarkable secrecy. Make inquiries about any of the weapons systems it's exploring and a barrage of excuses for telling you next to nothing pour forth -- a program is between managers, or classified, or only now in the process of awarding its contracts. DARPA spokespeople and project managers even prefer not to clarify or explain publicly available information. Still, its possible to offer a sketch of some of the future weaponry the Pentagon has in development,
    1. Mayhem Without the y
    the Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition or -- wait for it -- MAHEM.

    2. Hasta La Vista, Baby
    the Triple Target Terminator seeks to increase the number and variety of targets that could be destroyed on each sortie by allowing an aircraft to engage in air-to-air combat or air-to-ground attack with the same armament.

    3. Anti-Ship Shape
    this would-be smart weapon is supposed to permit high probability target identification in dense shipping environments, and precision aimpoint targeting for maximum lethality.

    4. Bullet Ballet
    Extreme Accuracy Tactical Ordnance, or EXACTO program which aims to allow the sniper to prosecute moving targets even in high wind conditions,

    5. The New Blitz
    Strategically Hardened Facility Defeat program is investigating nuke-free, earth-penetrating munitions to counter the threat posed by our adversaries' use of hard and deeply buried targets.

    6. Things That Don't Go Boom in the Night
    Not all DARPA projects are designed to kill people and destroy hard targets. Some are geared toward delivering men, materiel, and someday robots to do the job instead. Others are aimed at intrusive surveillance, cyber-war,

    Amid talk of a new arms race, the American people should know more about just what billions of their tax dollars are paying for and what message they're sending to the world

    It is far more likely that such DARPA projects (and pundit saber-rattling) will simply lead to needless expenditures on weapons designed for wars the U.S. won't fight. In the end, if history is any guide, many of these weapons will become the overpriced means of killing lightly armed men, along with unarmed men, women, and children in one poverty-stricken country or another in the decades to come.

    Unfortunately, Americans can't begin to have an honest conversation about any of this, because it is classified material. Ya right.
    History shows ; never has a weapon been made, that was not used.

    Seems like to me , the people they kill are really my friends. Are you next?


  2. knolyourself profile image61
    knolyourselfposted 6 years ago

    Is not weapons America's number one export?

  3. wilderness profile image99
    wildernessposted 6 years ago

    You seem surprised at the secrecy.  Do you really think that the govt. should tell everyone what they are developing in the military field?  Perhaps how it works and what new technology is needed?

    America maintains the premier weapons in the world; it is what made the freeing of Kuwait such a rout.  To freely give that information to the world (or you) would not be particularly smart.

  4. no longer anxious profile image61
    no longer anxiousposted 6 years ago

    YOU think that's scary? look up HAARP on Youtube if you haven't already, weather control for population control, they can make earthquakes happen at the drop of a dime, tsunamis, anything.....it's ridiculous how they are using the natural state of the planet for military gain.

    BEST VIDEO TO WATCH IS "holes in heaven haarp