operating system local server

  1. greatnavaid profile image60
    greatnavaidposted 7 years ago

    can anyone known that about ubuntu local server ,, like lamp or wamp ,, how to install in grafix interface ?

    1. profile image55
      nprkshnposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If you like to install a Lamp in Ubantu using Graphical User interface here is some easy step that you can do:
      Go to  System >> Administration >> Synaptic Package Manager.
      list of tasks is accessible by clicking Edit >> Mark Packages by Task
      then  select LAMP server
      then click OK.
      Click on Mark button
      then click Apply button to begin LAMP installation.

  2. tonybaldwin profile image59
    tonybaldwinposted 7 years ago

    I'm not sure what "grafix interface" is, but I'm running a Debian server here in my office.
    (Ubuntu is "based" on Debian, so they're very similar.  Not the same, but very similar).
    It's simply a matter of install, first, apache2 httpd.
    That will allow you to serve webcontent (html pages).
    Now, there are probably other things you may wish to install.
    Debian has Dokuwiki available, so, I imagine Ubuntu does, too.  It's a great tool for building a site, collaborate editing, intranets, notes, sharing code, keeping a log...all kinds of stuff.  It can function as a full CMS, really.
    You could probably install wordpress via aptitude on Ubuntu, too (you can on Debian) for building sites, blogs, etc.
    Now, some other useful items.
    On my server, I run PureFTPd, an ftp server, so I can upload/download files (I can even do this from my android phone!), which is very handy.  There are other ftp backends available, too, but, I recommend PureFTP.
    Also, you probably want openssh for remote access to the server (I don't even have a keyboard, monitor or mouse connected to mine, so completely administer it from another computer by ssh, pretty well, and use ftp to move files).
    If you are building the server for an intranet, perhaps an IRC or Jabber server would be appropriate for internal communications.
    If you're mostly just setting this up as a server for file sharing, the most important elements are ssh and sshfs for fusermount, and of course, ftp, likely.
    A webserver is needed for serving webpages, for which I have recommended Apache, but there are other solutions for that, as well.
    If you are going to build complex sites, use mediawiki, wordpress or other such CMS tools, you will need mysql, as well.
    Dokuwiki, which I mentioned, does NOT require mysql or any database, which is one of the reasons I recommend it for wiki use, personal use, etc.  Easy to install (apt-get install dokuwiki on debian, probably the same on ubuntu), easy to edit, and easy to administer.
    PHP will be required for most webserver apps (mediawiki, wordpress, joomla, even dokuwiki), but not necessary if you are just sharing files.
    All of these tools can be installed with Synaptic, which is the graphical package management tool, a front end for apt-get.
    Now, this other poster mentions LAMP.  Well, that just means "Linux Apache MySQL PHP".
    There are tons of things you can do with a "local server", and you weren't very specific, so, I hope this was helpful.

    Great places to get more assistance are launchpad.net and/or IRC channel #ubuntu on irc.freenode.net



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