Can Saudi Arabia become the leading exporter of Solar Energy?

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    callonresourcesposted 6 years ago

    Saudi Arabia recently announced it will invest $100 billion in developing renewable energy, and particularly solar power. Whilst a third of this amount will be allocated to building nuclear power plants, the majority will be used to develop other sources, in particular solar power.

    According to Saudi Aramco, the Kingdom experiences roughly 3000 hours of sunlight annually, and features “empty stretches of desert that can host solar arrays and vast deposits of clear sand that can be used in the manufacture of silicon photovoltaic cells”.

    The drivers for the development of solar infrastructure and its monetarization are plentiful. Aside from having one of the highest solar radiation averages in the world, the Saudi Arabian private sector has the financial strength to launch solar power generation and manufacturing once the technologies reduce opportunity costs and supported by governmental incentives.