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How to Obtain the Stock Android Browser on an Android Phone

Updated on April 10, 2013


The android OS has been offered as an open platform and as such the software has been tweaked as much as possible to provide different user experiences. The standard android platform is also referred to as the stock android. It all depends on the preferences of the many device manufacturers and the device users to make a choice on how to use the android OS.

A good number of people would want to use the stock android and all other features in its most basic and unaltered form. In a bid to use the stock android, many people will go to the point of rooting their devices. After rooting the android devices, custom ROMs will be installed. Such is the extent to which finding the stock android experience and the stock android browser can be taken.

The big question on how to obtain the stock android browser on an android phone and have its browsing experience is in the face of a number of challenges faced. The biggest challenge is that of rooting the android phone since comes with the risk of dubious software, rendering the warranty void, and bricking the device. Fortunately, this is not the only way in which the stock android experience can be acquired.

Apps have changed the situation completely in that it is safe to experience the stock android and stock android browser. All worries with your android device are thus thrown out of the window. Make sure to read through the instructions provided alongside specific apps. This is because most apps will only work on the platform on which they were developed.

How to Obtain the Stock Android Browser on Android

There has been some misunderstanding on which is the stock android browser especially after Google released chrome and even changed to the blink toolkit. Earlier versions of the android OS will most specifically have the stock android browser as the default browser. The browser works perfectly well and has received favorable reviews in the browsing experience it is able to provide. The beauty with the stock android browser is that it is pre-installed and comes with the device as the default browser. Any other changes made are to install a web browser of choice which is possible since you can have more than one browser on android.

Most recently, the latest versions of the android OS such as Jelly Bean and the Ice Cream Sandwich have the chrome web browser as the default android browser. Chrome has replaced the stock android browser in these versions of android. It has been optimized for mobile devices and provides very fast browsing.


The chrome browser provides numerous features which add value to the browsing experience. Some of the most prominent features continuous updates and improvements, incognito mode browsing, tab syncing, search syncing, bookmark syncing among many other features. But still, the stock android browser together with the third party solutions like the stock Samsung browser, stock HTC browser, and stock LG browser, all of which are based on the stock Android browser dominate the android and mobile markets.

The easiest way to find the stock android browser is by finding it on Google Play and as earlier pointed out; take note of the provided instructions. Check on the specifications of the android device at hand versus the app you are about to download. It is only in this way that you will obtain the stock android browser on an android phone.


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