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How to use Google more effectively

Updated on October 5, 2015

Life with Google

Google is a part of our life. In today's world, Internet without Google can not be imaginable. I search everything from Google. But Google is not just a search engine, it has many other software functions.

Goggle is a search engine, an online email service, an IM service, a blogging platform, has photo and video sharing applications, a feed reader, an online word processor, an encyclopedia, a web site creator, an online vs...

Would the Internet be possible without Google?

Maybe but it would be an Internet without its best search engine, without Gmail, YouTube, Google Video, Google Reader, Picassa, Blogger, Orkut, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Calender, Google Plus,Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Chrome, Google Analytics, Google News....

Use GOOGLE Search Like A Techno Geek

Millions of people use Google many times a day. But, as we are not techno geeks, we use Google in its simplest form. People search words, phases, pictures, blogs vs. from Google search. If necessary many of us use the advance search but is it enough? What can we do to use Google search more effectively?

Here are some tips:

Who Needs a Dictionary when there is Google Search!


Use the "define:" operator of Google to get a quick definition.

In Google search window type : define : than the word you want to learn the meaning.

Example [define:allegory ] Google will give you a whole host of definitions from different sources, with links.


This function is not known with many. Numrange is a combination of the words "number" and "range." a Numrange search searches within a range of numbers in Google Web search.

Example, ["best films 1986..2006] will return lists of best filmsfor each of the years from 1986to 2006 ( DON'T FORGET TO ADD " the two periods" between the two numbers).


Can't remember the name of the director who got Oscar for the best Foreign Language film?

Sometimes you don't know what exactly you are looking for. That's when wildcard search may come in handy. Wildcard search can be used as placeholder for any sequence of characters or words.

The "*" symbol is a wildcard.

Asghar Farhadi received an Oscar this year for his film separation. If you are trying to search for it, type

separation film * Oscar, director

Information comes... Useful for finding stuff only in certain domains, While many people are aware of wildcard search for "Universal" / "blended" results, few users also use the wildcard operator for other types of search results.

Wildcard operator is also supported by multiple search engines run by Google:

Google images

Google video and You tube;

Blog search;

Google news;

Google Shopping



Google has went ahead and scanned almost every print catalog they can find. Need to check that Sears Catalog and don't have your copy handy? Don't worry Google has it all ready for you online.

Google Catalogs

How to use Google Calender

No need for the little black dairy and pen anymore Google organizes your life...

Use Google as a calculator

Using Google as a calculator is very simple: Simply enter what you want to Google's web search box and click the ENTER key or click the Google Search button. You can ad, subtract, divide,multiply, convert from miles to kilometers, or evaluate some other mathematical expression.

'Google' comes from "googol",it is a fantastic number;a number followed by 100 zeros.

Google Books

Google Book Search is a service that lets you search more than 500 million pages of scanned books and the number grows every day. But why would you need that when you could go to a library? Well, sometimes it's hard to discover books only from the title and description and once you discovered them it's hard to actually find them in libraries and book stores.

1. You have a quote from a book, but you don't know where it's from.

2. You have a quote from a book, and you want to find the context. Maybe you want to read the poem that contains the famous "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".

3. Maybe you have a book and you want to read again a certain fragment. But it's hard to find it, even though you remember some keywords.

4. Search your bookshelves. You can't restrict the search to your books, but if you enter something unique (name of a character), you'll discover the book.

5. Search within books published in a certain year, to see different perspectives on a subject.

6. Find references from other books to a certain book.

7. Search for an affirmation or the prefix of an affirmation ("Paris is the only city...").

8. Find contexts for rare or difficult words (ineluctable).

9. Read out-of-copyright books online or download them as PDF files.

10. Detect plagiarism, as this article shows.

Google Romance


Google Romance is a place where people can post all types of personal/romantic information and, using Soul mate Search, get back search results of "the love of your life".

Picassa Web Albums

Very useful application.

With using this application, you can share photos with friends and family, or explore public photos.

Google Translate - a window open to the other cultures

google translate
google translate

In my country most of the people have limited knowledge of foreign languages. Although in all elementary and high schools English is taught, most of the students can not even reach intermediate level. German, French and Arabic are also taught is some schools but a few people know these languages. Turks like to surf in the net very much so the Google translate service come in pretty handy when translating emails, forum messages or even entire websites. Is English-Turkish translation very good? No but enough to communicate. Also you can chat with international friends, translate twitter massages into your language with Google translate

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google glass is a wearable technology. It has a touchpad, camere and display. Google glass displays information in a smartphone like hands free format. While running you can take photos or send a message while you are golfing. While walking you can send a picture to facebook, send a twit.


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