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iPhone Cases for Business Professionals

Updated on June 30, 2013

Charging in Case

An iPhone charging while in the case on top of a keyboard.
An iPhone charging while in the case on top of a keyboard. | Source

The Perfect Case for Business Professionals

Every person is different and that is why there can be so many phone case companies that are available in the market. There is a specialized case for everyone so take some time to think about your daily phone use and what kind of style and aesthetics are important for you. Depending on the potential use each day and the look and feel that is appealing to you will lead you in the right direction to a case that you can use for the next couple of years. While many people go through several cases because they get damaged from dropping or go out of style, it is possible to get a case for the life cycle of your phone.

Price ranges for the typical iPhone case are between $25 up to around $125 for most options.

A leather slider style case
A leather slider style case | Source

Hand Crafted Leather

Searching on Etsy proves that there is a huge demand for a high quality crafted leather iPhone case. No matter what iPhone model that you currently are carrying there is a huge selection of cases to choose from. A leather case provides the phone a different kind of protection than a traditional smartphone case. The phone slides inside of the leather and it holds it well, but when the phone is out and in use it is left unprotected. Many professionals prefer the direct feel of the phone without a case making this a great option for protecting the phone when it is being carried, but still lightweight and sleek feeling in the hand during use. The iPhone is such a beautiful device that it is a shame most people instantly make it heavy and clunky by wrapping it in a case, so consider keeping your phone pure and keeping it safe from scratches and dings by just using a leather protective sheath.

Personalized Cases

Classic Wood Case Appearance
Classic Wood Case Appearance | Source

Bamboo & Wood

Bamboo and wood cases have become very popular in the last couple of years. They have a nice quality finish look to them that is timeless. These materials are also perfect for customization, so it is possible to easily have them adorned with personal elements like etched in initials or other specialized designs. They are also perfect for artistic designers to create special run products that for a small one time run.

Extended Battery Cases

Business professionals that are on the go and using their phone all day long run into the problem of expiring batteries constantly. There is only a couple of solutions, either carry a second phone and have a day time phone and evening phone which is unrealistic for most people, than a great option is to use a case with a built in battery back up charger. These cases are designed to extend the natural life of the battery each day by allowing the phone to draw on the reserve battery. Most are built to be charged at the same time you are charging the phone so you can simply plug the device in when you finally reach a power outlet or have time to slow down for a few minutes to plug in and you will be charging both devices. Most of the major brands for iPhone accessories have a model that will fit your needs for using your phone non stop all day long.

Making an iPhone case from leather


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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Useful hub on iPhone Cases. Voted up.