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Wireless USB internet cards/network adapters for laptop computers

Updated on March 1, 2016


Here, On this Page, I'm publishing some information about "Internet Cards for Laptop Computers". You can Jump to page section via clicking anchor texts below.

Wireless Internet Cards for laptop computers
Wireless Internet Cards for laptop computers

What is Wireless Internet Card ?

Wireless Internet Cards are peripheral devices that allow us to connect our laptop computer to Internet. They come in various forms such as

  • "PCI" (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Cards for Desktops that can be installed in PCI Slots of Motherboards,
  • "PCMCIA" (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) Cards that can be installed in PCI slots of Laptop,
  • WCFs (Wireless Compact Flashcards) for PDAs,
  • USB Cards for both laptops and desktops.

Today, Most of the PDAs and Laptops come with built-in internet cards (Including My too). This cards simplifies our life of accessing the internet without being restricted to single spot but works only in area (region) where wifi network is available such as near coffee shops, airports, railway stations, institute campuses, company offices etc. These cards automatically detect new networks when we enter into any such zone (hotspot). Currently, Maximum Range of wifi networks vary from 20 meters to 1.6 Kms (As per my own research). Soon, you may even be able to surf the net while flying at 30,000 feet (9,144 meters). Internet cards uses radio wave frequencies (above 2.4 GHz) to transmit data.

Types of Wireless Internet Cards

Presently, Internet Cards operates under three networking standards which were defined by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) which differentiate the performance and speed of any card. Here, Below is the list of those three networking standards.

  1. 802.11b,
  2. 802.11g,
  3. 802.11n (Latest Technology).

List of Internet cards for Laptop Computers

Here, Below is the list of Internet cards that you can buy from trusted eCommerce company i.e. from after clicking on link. You can read reviews from person who already buyed products shown below after clicking on link.

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