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All about K-Edge GoPro Mounts

Updated on March 11, 2013

Nothing beats the K-Edge Go Pro Mount!

K-Edge are a US company making GoPro Accessories from CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum, in the US. That's the same material that makes your kite buggy frame, your mountain bike handlebars and your racing car chassis, it was even used for the famous Pioneer Plaque, so good they have been making things out of it since 1935.

It's used in all these applications because It's light, solid and strong. It is the ideal material for making K-Edge GoPro Mounts from as it provides a rock solid, reliable and secure platform for your camera. There's not doubt that when K-Edge Go Big they mean business.

True it costs a little more than a mount made from plastic, but if you want to be sure that you're going to get the shots you want then it's worth spending a little extra and getting the best.

K-EDGE GO BIG Handlebar Mount image courtesy of

K-EDGE GO BIG Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero - The K-Edge Handlebar Mount for hard-core action

This is the perfect alternative to the plastic mount made by GoPro, no chance of this baby breaking, ideal for situations where you absolutely must get the footage you want and cannot risk the mount breaking and you losing or damaging your camera.

Comes in three colors, black, red and gunmetal.

Like all K-Edge Mounts comes with a lifetime guarantee, break it and they replace it.

Read reviews on

K-EDGE GO BIG Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero (K13-410 Black)
K-EDGE GO BIG Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero (K13-410 Black)

The best handlebar mount for GoPro that you can buy, that's all that needs to be said really, check out the reviews, consider whether your films are worth the investment.


Check out just how solid and shake free videos can be with the K-Edge Mount

K-EDGE GO BIG GoPro Adapter

Another bomb proof bit of kit from K-Edge, this time it's not cycling specific, rather it's an ultra strong and reliable mount that can be bolted or screwed to just about anything, you skate board, skis, snowboard, wakeboard, waterski, kite board, car dashboard or body work, in fact anywhere where you need your camera to perform in a high stress exposed hostile environment.

K-EDGE GO BIG GoPro Adapter K13-400 Gun Metal Gray
K-EDGE GO BIG GoPro Adapter K13-400 Gun Metal Gray

A simple but effect way to ensure your camera stays put.


K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Handlebar Mount - Pro GoPro Handlebar Mount

This advanced Pro GoPro Mount from K-Edge allows you to situate your camera either above or below the handlebar, and away out in front from your hands - great if you want to clear cables or other handlebar clutter and still have the best Go Pro handlebar mount available for your camera.

Fits 31.8 handlebars as standard, easily shimmed with a piece of inner tube if you are still running a narrower diameter handlebar.

K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero (K13-420 Gun Metal Grey)
K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero (K13-420 Gun Metal Grey)

Only weighing 46gms, or less than 2oz, this go pro handlebar mount will give you piece of mind that your camera is safe and secure.


K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Saddle Rail Mount

Designed to clamp to the seat rails on your saddle, this K-Edge mount will provide another option for capturing great camera angles and footage, it's so small and discrete, yet firmly attached, that you can leave it in place once fitted without it getting in the way, and then just attach your GoPro camera when it's time to film the action.

K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Saddle Rail Mount for GoPro(TM) Hero (K13-430 Gun Metal Grey)
K-EDGE GO BIG Pro Saddle Rail Mount for GoPro(TM) Hero (K13-430 Gun Metal Grey)

You can get great shots placing your camera facing rearwards, capture another cyclist chasing after you, or even traffic on your commute to show how close some idiots get!


K-Edge Mounts Review Video - Including the GoPro Handlebar Mount Review

See the benefits of all the K-Edge Mounts and Accessories

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What sports do you use your GoPro Camera to capture?

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