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The GoPro LCD Touch BacPac Improves your sports movies

Updated on January 20, 2015

Add a touch screen to your GoPro Camera

GoPro had had an LCD screen accessory for the GoPro Hero camera for awhile now, but this has been replaced with the newly released and updated version complete with touch capability, now you can see what you are filming as you film it, and playback footage to review and ensure you have got what you need, all while fully protected in it's waterproof case.

If you are serious about getting the best from your GoPro HD Hero 3, this is an accessory you need to check out, read on for the full run down on what this accessory offers.

GoPro LCD Touch Bacpac Image Courtesy of

What's in the GoPro LCD Screen Box?

This official GoPro Accessory comes with the following:

  1. GoPro LCD Touch Bacpac, with 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Speaker, Volume Control, Touch Sensitive Screen.
  2. Touch Backdoor - use the camera in hostile environments but still have full control over the camera.


  3. Standard Backdoor - a more robust backdoor suitable for diving - the touch function doesn't work underwater.
  4. Skeleton Backdoor - fully open access to the touch screen, provides the best viewing clarity.
  5. Protective storage case for your GoPro Touch Screen when it is not in use.

GoPro LCD Bacpac
GoPro LCD Bacpac

Why should you get a GoPro LCD Touch BacPac?

If you need to review video, or setup the camera for the situation you are in then the LCD Touch Bacpac will prove invaluable, once you've used if for awhile you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The ability to check what you are shooting while on location means that you'll have a lot less wasted footage to wade through when back home or in the studio, this will make editing a much more pleasurable experience and enhance the overall experience of the GoPro camera.

The LCD Touch screen will also allow you to control the camera's settings much more easily, no more scrolling through the beeping menu via two buttons (which can be a frustrating experience), the camera is now much easier to use and much more akin to a true miniature HD Camcorder.

GoPro LCD Touch Bacpac Image Courtesy of

Where to buy a new GoPro LCD Touch Bacpac - Get the best price now

YouTube Video Reviews of the GoPro LCD Touch Bacpac

GoPro HD Hero 3 Image Courtesy of

  • Touch Control of all your GoPro camera's features
  • Preview and review your video
  • Ensure that your camera is pointing in the right direction!
  • Make sure the white balance settings are correct
  • Have confidence that the frame rate and aspect ratio is the right one

What's not so good.... - drawbacks of the GoPro LCD Bacpac

  1. Will use your GoPro Battery up more quickly
  2. Not compatible with the GoPro HD Hero 2
  3. Touch functionality doesn't work under water

Only compatible with the GoPro HD Hero 3!

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The GoPro LCD Touch BacPac Improves your sports movies
GoPro had had an LCD screen accessory for the GoPro Hero camera for awhile now, but this has been replaced with the newly released and updated version comple...

Which sports do you use your GoPro for?

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