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Lenovo T60 Thinkpad

Updated on April 15, 2011

Lenovo T60 series is the first Thinkpad model release to have the Intel Core Duo processor. The notebook has been designed internally and externally to be used mainly by the businessmen and professionals, which is justified by the security and durability features as well as usability and performance characteristics. The overall Thinkpad series is enhanced by the release of Thinkpad T60, which has more performance optimization and some changes in the design.

Lenovo T60 design

The Lenovo T60 has retained all the standard T series design qualities – the same dominating dark grey color with a few exceptions in ultra navigation buttons, sound and power buttons – they have become silver colored instead of black. With the screen lids closed it’s hard even to tell which model which, be it T40, T43 or T60. They all retain the same hard to break, strong, rugged plastic chassis which is fit for frequent travelers.
The magnesium reinforced screen lid is build keeping to the highest quality standards – it would not flex at all. The chances to break screen hinges are also weak; they are made out of thick and strong metal and the screen is not loose in any way.
The keyboard has some interesting features worth noticing – it is also inflexible and has two drain holes for possible liquid spill, so it won’t touch the internal laptop parts and runs out through the bottom of it. However, dark colors and even buttons (with the exception of front panel buttons and pointing stick in the middle) are somewhat boring and more colorful features wouldn’t undermine the look.

The Thinkpad T60 has been released in two sizes: 14” and 15” screen size. The smaller screen Thinkpad has longer battery life and is lighter than the larger one, though its specifications are a bit poorer. Besides 15 inch Think pad has one nice characteristic called Flex View – no matter from what angle you are looking at the screen, the picture doesn’t change and blur.

The T60, unlike previous Lenovo notebooks of the same T series has 3 USB 2.0 ports, which is really cool, having in mind the today’s demand for external devices (mouse, keyboard, USB sticks, external hard drives etc.). One USB port located on the left, the remaining two – on the right side.
There is also Modem (not popular), Ethernet RJ45 ports, microphone and headphones on the left side along with Monitor out connector, Epxress card and PCMCIA II slots.
The right side has only 2 USB and DVD CD – RW ROM.


Lenovo T60 Specifications

Intel Core Duo processor T2500 with 2 GHz to offer;

1 GB RAM; the notebook has the total capacity for maximum of 4 GB;
100 GB hard drive;

Video card – 128 MB ATI X 1400; It’s still good to play most of the games (Half Life 2, Doom 3), though the setting must be configured to medium – the graphics resources are not sufficient to run on maximum settings;

15” inch screen 1400X1050 with SXGA (super extended graphics array) +;
Optical DVD CD – RW drive;

9 Cell battery holds up to 3 hours and more on average usage; It depends what you are doing – if you are burning the DVD, watching the movie and editing some documents, it might not hold long.

Wireless, Bluetooth and Infrared are also included;

Microphone, headphones; maximum turned on speakers are pretty loud, which is good comparing to some other developers models. You could easily listen to some music without having to actually lean to the speakers.

Modem, Ethernet RJ45 ports;
Monitor out connector;
Epxress card and PCMCIA II slots;

Fingerprint scanner;


Pros and Cons

What I am missing in Lenovo T60 is Firewire and SD slots. The developers might have sacrificed modem port, which is becoming obsolete, and installed some needier thing – SD port at least.

I must mention the heat and fan issue which has been solved in the highest standards. The fan with the ventilation area are at the back and even if you are playing a high quality game it runs pretty cool and does not emit much heat. It may be due to the fact that the earlier ThinkPad versions had parallel port, which has been replaced by additional vent, thus heat emission is very effective.

The Lenovo T60 warranty is 3 years, but it depends upon your distributor location. I haven’t had any problems with a customer support service – I believe they are still good. Check those things, before you buy the notebook.

Overall, the model is worth buying, especially having in mind the durability and reliability. have always been the business professionals’ choice, and they would certainly meet any office work demand and much more. Lenovo T60 Flex View screen, cool and quiet performance, outstanding battery life plus good information processing (processor and graphics card) are the Pros. The cons, however, come with a lack of Firewire and SD card slot as well as expensive price.


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