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Feel the Touch Intimately ..... The HP TouchSmart Technology

Updated on October 2, 2013
Touch Screen Computer
Touch Screen Computer

Touch screen computer is not a new phenomenon in the computing world but this trend has become quite popular lately, particular with the release of all in one desktop system with touch screen feature. Actually, it's not that hard to have a touch screen computer, just replace your old display panel with a touch screen monitor and you are ready to go. Windows OS such as Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are compatible with touch screen monitor. In fact, Windows 8 is specifically built for touch screen application.

For users who concern about the cost, there are even gadgets that sold in the market which can turn any monitor into one with the touch screen capability, with just snapping it on. Well, there might be some downside with such add-on devices.

Touch screen technology is employed in both desktop and mobile computer and almost all major PC manufacturers have their own models of touch screen computer for both versions. The demand for such models have increased over the few years due to price drop and also the trend that going towards better design and user friendly electronic gadgets.

Touch Screen Computer, The HP TouchSmart

Touch screen computer for desktop version that being sold in the market, mostly comes in the form of all in one computer; the type of computer where the central processing unit is integrated into the screen panel. That's mean it will only have one piece instead of two. All in one desktop is quite popular now as people fall for its sleek and trendy design. It is so compact that you might not realize that it is a computer. And with the added touch screen capability (depends on brand and model), people will even love it more.

TouchSmart Laptop
TouchSmart Laptop

One of the best touch screen computer models for both desktop (all in one pc) and laptop version is the HP TouchSmart by HP. The operating system that comes bundle with the HP TouchSmart is as usual; either Windows Vista or the new Windows 7 that launched recently. Depending on the model of you choice, it either comes with an Intel or AMD processor. It is quite common for computer makers to offer their products with both processors as they are the most trusted microprocessors available in the market.

TouchSmart was launched back in January 2007 and it was the first model of the all in one pc to have the touch screen capability. The debut model was known as the TouchSmart IQ770 series, with a 19 inch touch screen panel. Like any other machines, this model had all what you would expect from the latest desktop computer except that it came only in one piece. This model had received quite good reviews from both technology critics and geeks.

The HP TouchSmart Computer is Ideal for family use
The HP TouchSmart Computer is Ideal for family use
HP TouchSmart 600 Touch Screen Computer
HP TouchSmart 600 Touch Screen Computer

Later in 2008, HP launched its second series of the TouchSmart computers, known as the IQ500. To cope up with the demand and market trend, these series were equipped with a larger screen, a 22 inch touch screen monitor, Intel Core Duo microprocessor and a large capacity of hard disk of 500GB space (this was the specs that could be considered quite high end back then).

HP has also released the TouchSmart IQ800 series, aiming towards people who were looking for entertainment. This touch screen computer series features a larger screen of 25.5 inch display panel. Since it was made to be more of an entertainment hub, the PC maker has even integrated a TV tuner that comes with a remote control into the system. This definitely enhances user experience particular in the area of multimedia and entertainment. For some premium models, HP has even put in the Blu-Ray capability. This was absolutely great for people who enjoy movies and Mtv on their machines.

The later models of touch screen computer that released by HP include the TouchSmart 300 and 600 series. Both of these series were introduced into the market in October 2009 and like any of its predecessor, they were getting positive reviews from various pc magazine and technology sites/ blogs.

What made this generation different from the previous releases was that HP has integrated voice recognition feature into both of these series. And which this, it has transformed the TouchSmart towards a more futuristic machine.

Users have now more options when operating their machine and again these models had received a lot of positive reviews. Both series were quite similar in terms of spec; the difference lies in the size of the touch screen panel where the 300 series feature a screen of 20 inch while the series feature a bigger screen of 23 inch.

If you are looking for a touch screen computer, perhaps you would like to consider the HP TouchSmart All in One Desktop series.

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