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8 Ways to Save Money on Disney Vacation and Enjoy the Trip Even You are on Tight Budget

Updated on October 4, 2015

Disney World


Disney World is one of the most fabulous visiting places in the world. Many people have passion to visit the place at least once in their life. Unfortunately, few people can afford the cost for this trip. But, you can make it possible. It is the matter of a plan about how to save money in Disney world. You can give the trip a thought for your kids, if the expenditure fits your budget. However, it may sound fantasy to save money in a world that is designed to make you spend, some tricks can help you. You can stretch your trip for more rides and funs by saving extra bucks that you may spend whimsically.

1. Plan ahead

Before heading for Disney, do the necessary groundwork about the park and its rides. So that, you can figure out which rides and parks are important to enjoy. Know what accessories you will be needed to buy, if possible pack the accessories from home. Set a budget for souvenirs, it will stop you spending on souvenir items whimsically.

2. Look for packages

Visit Disney website and check their special offers and packages. The longer time you stay, reduced room rate you will get for each day. For example, if you are paying $89 for a single day, a seven days pass will cost you $43 per day. The drawback of these types of offer is that your trip may end within four days, and longer stay may end you up spending money in other ways.

3. Save on tickets

If you are planning to stay more than 2 days, it is good to buy tickets from authorized brokers as they sell tickets in discount. Even you can take help of some discount websites like Mousesavers and Parksavers that places latest coupon codes.

4. Visit in off-season

In some seasons, room rates remain high. Even food cost of restaurants becomes pricy. So it is wise to visit the place when it is less crowded. Christmas days and thanksgiving days are the most crowded seasons of the year. So avoid these times. It is about late January, August and September. Know more about the best time to visit Disney World.

By visiting off-season, you can also save on airfare and hotels. For example, in Disney’s pop century resort, first half of September, room rate is below $110, but in December 20s, the price goes up and its hikes up to $186 for the same room.

5. Save on hotels

Instead of staying in the resorts of Disney world, you would better stay in off-site hotels. Though you may feel less valued like package holders, but will save a good amount of money. You can rent a house in a few miles away of Disney world. You will get more amenities on same the price or in low price. Even you can stay with five members in one room, which is restricted in Disney resorts.

6. Save on food

Skip Disney’s dinning plans and combo meals that include some chips and fries that you may not like to eat. There are many economical alternatives of this plan, like eating food in counter restaurants. There are many ways to save money on food; it depends on how much you want to compromise on food. You can make your own meal, like to make two burgers from a double-cheese burger simply adding a bun.

7. Preparation starts from home

Buy Disney dresses from amazon instead of spending money in Disney’s kiddie salons to prepare your kids like a prince or princes. The full family will not look offbeat in the land. Pack meal, snacks, water bottle, energy bars and beef jerky, so that you do not need to spend enough for food in Disney.

8. Use credit card rewards point

Some credit cards offer reward points on daily purchase in grocery shops. At the end of the month, you will get an amount of cashback that you could spend in Disney world. Be cautious about shopping too much to accumulate points, lest you should end up with large debts. So stay on normal spending.

By utilizing your reward points you can make the trip in almost free of cost. To use reward points for Disney travel you need to plan around 12 – 18 months before. If possible get a new card that you can earmark for Disney vacations. You need to pay on time and in full to avail reward points opportunity. Though you need to pay annual fee for the cards, but if you use the card enough, its rewards points will compensate the fee. When you are opening a new one, make sure it rewards more points on your spending and the points are usable to Disney world.


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