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Memorable Moments at Baobab Diani Beach Coast

Updated on March 16, 2011

Sunset at Diani Beach

During the sunset at the Baobab Diani beach in south coast, you will enjoy every moment as the sun goes down to the west, with birds and monkeys moving around the beach. During this time the tides at the Baobab Diani Beach are high and watching the tides movements from the center of the ocean to the shoes is fun and can only be experienced during sunset

Dance at Baobab Beach

Evening Event at Baobab Diani Beach

After supper everybody would be waiting for 2130 GMT time to watch and take photos and videos of the organized night plays. With very talented actor you will enjoy the one and half hour event, plays at the Baobab Diani Beach ranges from stage acting, traditional dance and African folk songs. All age group from children to adult will have something to enjoy. When going to Baobab Diani Beach remember to carry yourself a camera or a video

Sunset at Diani Beach

Walking along the Diani beach in the morning

One of the memorable moment is walking along the Diani Beach resort, you will enjoy the cool morning moisture coming from the ocean which is healthy and therapeutic. In the morning hours the tides are low and far away from the shoe giving a chance to walk and collect precious sea stone and other materials  

A walk at Diani Baobab Beach


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