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Algarve Information

Updated on March 26, 2010

The Algarve, with an area of 5000 square kilometers for you to discover for yourself and with 200 km of coast line with magnificent sandy beaches blessed by the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean with a gentle warming hand from the Mediterranean.

The Algarve commences just a bit north of Alcoutim village next to the Guadiana River, easily following down the rivers gentle current until Vila Real de Santo Antonio, turning westward and throughout the Southern coast line, passing by Natural Park of Ria Formosa with its unique 18.000 plus hectares of unspoiled scenery, and many beaches and locations you will find until reaching the historic town of Sagres, where the coastline turns North.

200km of Coastline
200km of Coastline

From here on and through the last 50 km of Algarvian coastline until where it ends in Odeceixe, you will be impressed with the massive 70 to 90 meter high cliffs that are breathtaking. You will find a selection of unique beaches throughout the coastline that gives proudness to their name and unforgettable coastal scenes. Going a short way north you find mountains and valleys and traditional folks going around their lives in an Algarvian traditional way.

Algarve style white painted homes are commonplace with its traditional chimneys, and handicrafts are seen all over the Algarve. The Greeks, Visigoths, Roman and Muslim populated the Algarve in their time and left a legacy in masonry knowledge in their churches, castles, monuments and roads as well a heritage in culture until the year 1249 when it was conquered by the Portuguese.

A view of Sagres from the Northwest coast
A view of Sagres from the Northwest coast

The Algarve is located in the south-westernmost tip of Europe, it´s main economy is tourism, but there’s also a well imbedded traditional agriculture side to it because of its unique and gifted microclimate.

Climate wise, the Algarve has air temperatures in the summer of 24oC to 30oC while the ocean temperature ranges from 21oC to 26oC. In the winter air temperatures and ocean are as follows respectively; 15oC to 18oC and 15oC to 19oC. For the size of the Algarve there is only less than 400,000 residents throughout its 16 regions, that is an average of 80 inhabitants per square km. The Algarve welcomes about 5 million visitors a year. But still there are so many regions in the Algarve where you can just settle down and enjoy the Algarve at its best.

Low tide on Eastern Ria Formosa Beach
Low tide on Eastern Ria Formosa Beach

The Algarve, whether on land, sea or air offers you so many activities that you´ll have to visit the Algarve a few times and enjoy your golf or horseback riding, your tennis, football or mountain climbing, at sea you can enjoy deep sea or big game fishing, scuba diving, jet ski, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboard and the list goes on, or you can admire the views from up above from a hot air balloon or a helicopter or small plane or even crank up your adrenaline in an ultralight.


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    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 8 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Thanks nomoretrucks! Yes, i´m living and enjoying the Algarve. Portuguese is a tricky language, but looks like your´re mastering it. Boa Sorte on your biking trips.

    • nomoretrucks profile image

      nomoretrucks 8 years ago from scotland

      Boa dia senior Soares, im new to hubbing its great to see a Portuguese fella showing off you fantastic patria, I have cycled from Almancil to Le Havre in 07 and back to Faro in 09. I learned to banter in Portuguese because i worked in a ferro-velho near Almancil for months and no one spoke english(i am welsh,Pays de gales) tao, eu apprende rapid..mais ou mens! desculpar eu ainda apprende agora. every year i return to vist my Portuguese amigas and hope to live there one day. Me and my escosse girl areriding down ther on two little vintage hondas soon. Boa sorte for the future. Are you an Algarve?