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Bangkok's Boss Suites Hotel Review

Updated on July 24, 2012

A Very Good Budget Hotel in Bangkok's Sukhumvit 4

There is no shortage of quality budget hotels in Bangkok's prime neighborhoods. The Boss Suites Hotel is just one perfect example. I was quite impressed while making this review of Boss Suites because it never ceases to amaze me that Bangkok has so many clean 3 star quality budget hotels that would put most 4 star hotels in the West to shame.

Boss Suites Hotel is located down Sukhumvit 4 Soi 2, in one of Bangkok's naughtiest red light district called Nana. Just take a walk anytime of the night starting at 8pm and you will know what I mean.

The area near Boss Suites is a haven for men who come to Bangkok to behave like college students on Spring Break. There are many beer bars with bar girls for hire, massage parlors for men and street prostitutes lurking here and there. And the go go bars of Nana Entertainment Plaza by the main drag of Sukhumvit road is just the cherry on top for sex tourists and curiosity seekers.

That said, I would like to point out that the Boss Suites is a great place to stay for adults but may not be so much for families with young children. Because the hotel does allow their guests to freely invite Thai working girls that guests come across in go go bars or the streets, back to their rooms at no extra charge. I know that sounds bad but the Boss Suites Hotel is not in any way a sex motel with rooms to rent by the hour for naughty deeds.

Matter of fact all of the funny business is contained a bit further up Sukhumvit 4 Soi if you don't venture out at night you won't come across any seedy sights.

My video review of Boss Suites Hotel

Boss Suites Hotel Bangkok Entrance
Boss Suites Hotel Bangkok Entrance | Source
Swimming pool and small fitness center at Boss Suites
Swimming pool and small fitness center at Boss Suites | Source
Superior Room
Superior Room | Source

I've stayed in a lot of budget hotels in Bangkok. And I have to say, Boss Suites Hotel has really impressed me. Yes the hotel is new, which is why it's in great shape and quality. But the staff working at the hotel are some of the friendliest folks that I would normally encounter in 4 star to 5 star hotels with professionally trained staff. If you've stayed in 2 star hotel often enough in Bangkok than you will know what I mean.

The room I stayed in is a superior room on the 4th floor, which is a non-smoking floor. The size of the room is quite big and perfectly adequate for 2 adults with plenty of space to store luggage. The Boss Suites is certainly geared towards foreign tourists as evident in the variety of English speaking news, sports and movie channels. Boss Suites has free Wi-Fi in the guest rooms which I found quite fast. I particularly love the big beds and plush pillows in my room. It's the type of place I can see myself staying longer in for visiting the heart of Bangkok.

That said, I believe that the hotel is geared towards adults. What I mean is that since the hotel is situated right past one of Bangkok's seedy nightlife districts it might not be suitable for young children. I think the large viewing window right into the bathroom is a clue that the Boss Suite's is perhaps a place for adults on a "romantic" rendezvous.

And there are a lot of Thai prostitutes and bars with bar girls for hire up along the upper portion of Sukhumvit Soi 4 with Nana Entertainment Plaza which has a colony of go go bars that operate as brothels. So the hotel is not exactly a kid friendly hotel in Bangkok.

A street sign leading to Boss Suites Hotel
A street sign leading to Boss Suites Hotel | Source

How to Get to Boss Suites Hotel from the Airport

Any taxi driver will know where Sukhumvit 4 is because it's right past a major red light district. However, since it is a new hotel and quite hidden in a quiet lane it can be difficult to find.

All you have to do is look for the Woraburi Hotel and Resort as the driver comes down Sukhumvit 4 then look for the sign pictured right which says Sukhumvit 4 Soi 2. It will be on the right side of the road. Make the right turn into Soi 2 and you will see the Boss Suites Hotel to your right.


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    • profile image

      Lee C. A. 4 years ago

      May i know the surrounding area for food and any attractive area? tq

    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 6 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Hello Peter, how are you? Thanks for pointers, I'll definitely make the changes. Take care buddy.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Good review of a decent Hotel in Bnagkok. However you fail to mention the prices for the different classes of rooms and you overemphasize the fact that it is located close to Soi Nana, at least three times. Thanks