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Last Minute Hotels Deals In Bangkok

Updated on February 4, 2012
Grand Palace in Bangkok
Grand Palace in Bangkok

Where to find last minute hotels deals in Bangkok

Last minute hotel deals in Bangkok gives the budget traveler a chance to live it up in 4 to 5 star quality hotels. That's what savvy and patient travelers do, since it's all about knowing where you can get the best deals for hotels no matter if you want to spend on a cheap budget hotel or an expensive luxurious hotel suite in Bangkok.

And finding last minute deals these days is essential for landing yourself below discounted room rates in Bangkok. Previously last minute deals were associated with a traveler's schedule flexibility. But that's not so these days.

To get yourself the best rates for hotel rooms in Bangkok you should start by looking for a Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) licensed hotel reservations agency with offices in Bangkok.

Hotel reservation agencies are contracted with many hotels in the city. And whenever these hotels have a surplus of rooms that need to be sold they will notify these agencies about their price drops or room promotions. As a result significant savings are passed on to you and it's certainly one of the ways for travelers to stay in a high quality hotel that they thought they could never afford.

These agencies are also able to provide deep discounted room rates throughout hotels, guesthouses and resorts all over Thailand.

You can also visit my hub the best websites for booking hotels in Thailand!

Two popular hotel reservation agencies in Bangkok


Since both of those companies offer last minute hotel deals they are able to provide instant confirmations upon payment. So there's no need to wait and see if a room is available. Their networks are in tune with their contracted hotel partners to see what types of rooms are available instantly.

Now both are really good hotel agencies and offer roughly around the same discounted room rates. But if you ask me to recommend which company to use then I would suggest Agoda.

The reason why is because Agoda has a best price guarantee, which means that if you find a better room rate from a competitor, they will either match it or beat. Here's a quote from their website regarding their best price guarantee:

"Agoda offers the following “Best Price Guarantee”. If you have reserved a hotel room through Agoda and then show us that you could book the same room for the same dates at a lower rate that is viewable and bookable on another website, we will either match that rate or beat it."

Another reason I prefer to use Agoda is because they have a rewards points program. Any hotel that you book through their services quality for rewards points in which you can use for discounts on future hotel bookings.

The only thing that I wish Agoda would change though is to add the taxes to the room rates that are presented on the "check rates" page. Instead the taxes are shown to you after you click on the "book it" button.

To to be fair to Agoda, Latestay does the same thing too. Since I use both companies a lot I've become quite used to it, though I still wish they would change it so when I'm doing price comparisons I don't need to open up so many web pages.

Agoda's initial rates are shown without taxes
Agoda's initial rates are shown without taxes


My biggest advice and of course it is obvious, is to do price comparisons. Sometimes there are big differences between the hotel rates and sometimes it is small. Either way both are very reliable companies and have been doing well for many years.

But no matter which agency you choose, both and offers better rates then booking at the hotel of your choice directly.


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