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The Bar Fine

Updated on June 21, 2011

The Bar Fine

Bars in the red light districts (and some white light areas as well) will have a varying number of young women working for them. These are the Bar Girls or Hostesses whose job it is is to help customers relax, stay longer and, inevitably, spend more money. The longer a customer stays in a bar the more likely it is that he (and it is usually but not always men) will buy the Hostess a drink too or perhaps 'Ring the Bell' and buy drinks for everyone.

The girls in these bars may or not be paid a wage. Their bread and butter comes from the drinks you buy them. These are known as "Ladies Drinks" and are more expensive than a normal drink. That extra little cut of the price will go to the girl. It is in her interest then that you stay as long as possible and buy her drinks. Her drinks will, usually, be soft drinks. The hostess then will combine her expertise at flattery and conversation and making her customer feel comfortable. The fleeting touch, the sniff kiss and soft almost accidental caress combined with alcohol consumed will make the customer very happy indeed.

If the girl has done her job correctly and alcohol has worked its magic, then in an hour or so her customer will think she is the most beautiful person in the world and someone with whom he would like to spend the rest of his life...or at least a few hours. There is always an outside possibility that in an inebriated state that the girl is not a girl at all but a Kathoey.

All Are Men

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If the girl were to leave the bar before the end of the evening then the bar would lose out on her hostessing skills and she would lose out her cut of the ladies drinks. The soloution is the 'Bar Fine' or 'Pay Bar'.

The 'Bar Fine' depends on the bar and to an extent the 'quality' of the hostess. If a girl is particularily beautiful or perhaps has a dance routine as well then the money involved will be higher. This money is the bar's but a cut of it will go to the girl.

The money paid then the customer and his new friend are free to go wherever they wish and do whatever is agreeable to both of them. The payment of a 'Bar Fine' is not entitlement to anything other than company. It may mean that the new couple will go for a meal and a movie or go 'Bar Hopping'.

The other possibility is that there is an intention of a temporary romantic involvement. This is an independent arrangement between the couple. The choice of whether this is 'Short Time' or longer must be discussed as must the financial reward for the girl.

Many girls will prefer 'Short Time' because in a few hours (or sooner) they can be back to the bar flirting with a new customer with the prospect of further 'Ladies Drinks' and another Bar Fine before the evening is over.

Some clients will be so taken in by the girl that they will pay the Bar Fine for weeks at a time and go on holiday with her. As a stranger to an area it is a tremendous advantage to have someone who knows the ropes. Such a companion can actually save a traveller money.

There is also the 'Lifetime Bar Fine' which is paid where the client is looked on as the boyfriend of the girl. It means that he can take her from the bar whenever he likes for as long as she remains working there.

Paying a Bar Fine is not a guarantee of sex. Some Bar Girls are what is termed 'Cherry Girls' and are virgins, not prostitutes, and so are not interested in any form of sexual liason. And, strange as it may seem many 'Bar Fines' lead to long term relationships and occassionally marriage.

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