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Belly Dancing Shows: Restaurants In Istanbul

Updated on January 30, 2015 | Source

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing was originated by Arabs, especially Egyptians - according to my knowledge - it's a very fun type of dancing, traditional but very entertaining - it's very feminine and glamorous - the costumes that the dancers also wear are so sexy and divine.

If you ever visit Istanbul wondering about the places that you can visit in order to watch such shows then this article will be very helpful for you!

Here are some of the top and high quality restaurants in Istanbul which have these belly dancing shows:

Sultanas Restaurant

Sultana's lies in a street which is very close to Taksim - known as the heart of Istanbul - the street is called " Cumhuriyet caddesi " and the letter " C " in Turkish is pronounced as "J" in the English Alphabet.

It runs traditional shows everyday starting from 9:00 pm till 11:00 pm, they also have a very famous belly dancer in Turkey, her name is " Didem ".

The owner of the place is very friendly, straight and honest, he also speaks English.

Kervansaray Restaurant

Lies on the same street which "Sultanas " lies on, it has the same traditional show programs with about 3 belly dancers who dance everyday and who would also move around tables and dance close to your table, it's really entertaining to watch these! They have fixed prices for entry and things and they have staff who speak English so communicating with them won't be hard if you can speak English or Turkish or even Arabic because I think they have Arabian staff too.

Istanbul Inn

Located on the other side of cumhuriyet caddesi and it kind of faces Kervansaray Restaurant, they also have traditional shows with belly dancers, the staff are also nice and kind.

The place has beautiful decorations.


This place is one of the best entertainment places ever! They don't only have belly dancing programs but they also have " Drama queens schemes " more like a theater, a lot of international and local celebrities go there, example: Jessica Alba, Haifa wehbe ( lebanese singer ) and some other local actors and singers.

The restaurant is located in shishli region, close to a park called " Kuchukchiftlik " also kind of close to Swiss hotel. | Source


A fancy restaurant located in Ortakoy- Beshiktash, which is about 10-15 mins away from Taksim square by car.

This place also has 3 belly dancers who dress a united belly dancing costume and dance, the place is beautifully decorated and is very classic, I've never personally been there but I've always read nice and good reviews about it.

If you have more to add to this list then feel free to write that in the comments box section!

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