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Best Beaches in Georgia

Updated on May 29, 2012

Georgia beaches

Georgia's beaches are located on the seaward side of barrier islands, of which only four are readily accessible by automobile which include tybee island, St. simons island, Sea Island, and jekyll Island, nanny goat beach, saint andrew beach which are some of the best beaches in Georgia. These four barrier islands contain about 19 miles of ocean beaches. There are many things you can do at Georgia beaches. Beach weddings, and dive vacations are popular for many people. You can build sandcastles and walk along the seashore.

Best beaches in Georgia

Nanny goat beach, Georgia
Nanny goat beach, Georgia

Best Beaches in Georgia

1. Nanny goat beach: Nanny goat beach is one of the best beaches in Georgia, USA. Nanny goat Beach lies close to the brunswick town. It is in the mcintosh county of Georgia, USA. Nanny goat beach is an un-crowded beach with a calm ambience. The blue waves and the beautiful coastline are really attractive. Here nature itself becomes an architect creating sand dunes which adds to its beauty. Here you can do swimming, fishing and boating. The altamaha river trail is near to the nanny Goat Beach. Here you can find a unique ecosystem. This is a home to rare birds like the swallow-tailed kites, and bald eagles.

2. Saint andrew beach: Another best beaches in Georgia is saint andrew beach. Saint andrew beach is in the glynn county, georgia. Glynn County is home to several annual festivals and cultural events. The beach has offers plenty of things including swimming, boating, fishing, picnic tables and lots of grills.

3. Sea island beach: Sea island is in the glynn county, Georgia. Activities include sea kayaking, beach funcycles, boogie boards, and tennis. You can take a 20-minute boat ride from the hampton river club marina to little simons island, a paradise for naturalists. You can do swimming, walking, and picnics.

4. Upper tanyard creek swimming beach: Upper tanyard creek swimming beach is in the bartow county, Georgia and is one of the top Georgia beaches. Bartow county beach offers whitewater paddling, fishing, boating, swimming, and golfing. The beach has picnic tables, grills and restrooms.


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    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      Upper tanyard creek swimming beach has been closed for years...There is still a boat ramp there for boat access, but no beach.

    • profile image

      Marsh Hen 5 years ago

      You hit the nail on the head with Nanny Goat Beach on Sapelo Island. Miles of beautiful unspoiled beach. Great shelling and lots of sand dollars or as we say 'mermaid money.'

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      I'll have to bookmark this one too! Thanks