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Updated on January 16, 2012

It's Boquete not Boquetes!

Boquete Panama
Boquete Panama

Boquete not Boquetes!

In Portuguese "Boquetes" means a kind of oral sex - I'm not which kind but I do know this makes it a popular search term and the town of Boquete, in Panama, a popular place for Brazilian tourists! English speaking visitors, particularly Americans often confuse the Boquete reputation for beautiful flowers and call the village 'Bouquet'. Which is actually French. So, it's not Bouquet or Boquetes but Boquete - pronunced: bow-ket-eh.There are numerous mis-pronunciations and spelling of Boquete but now you've got it right. So, what does Boquete mean? In Spanish Boquete is roughly translated to mean 'hole' or 'opening'. And when you look at where it is situated you can understand how it got its name.

Where is Boquete Panama?

Stay In Boquete

Boquete is a wonderful place to visit and stay. In most cases when we use the word 'stay' we're thinking of a visit - an overnight or a vacation staying in a Boquete Hotel but some people may read it a little differently because Boquete has been named one of the Best Places to Retire so active buy aging Baby-Boomers may think of a 'Stay in Boquete' as something more permanent. When you're a snow bird retiring in Panama may very well turn into a seasonal stay rather than a full time, year round relocation.

Boquete Outdoor

Regardless of whether you are coming to stay in Boquete for a short or time or a long time you will most certainly be attracted to the Boquete Outdoor. It's a stunning place for all of the senses. Even the homes are designed to take advantage of the pleasant Boquete Outdoor weather. Unlike it's close neighbours to the north, Bocas del Toro or to the South, David Boquete has a moderate climate due to it's elevation. Rising up over 1,000 metres from sea level Boquete enjoys much lower humidity and temperatures compared to other tropical seaside Panama towns. During the daytime the Boquete Weather reaches normal temperatures in the high 70's F and at night it can drop into the 50's or even 40's F. Gentle breezes and sometimes even a light mist called Bajareque keep things cool and green during the dry season which leaves the rest of Panama hot and brown.

Bridal Boquetes

Really it's Bridal Bouquets but hopefully you realize this title is just a little play on words. If you have read anything else I've written about Boquete you know that it is famous for beautiful and abundant flowers. Getting married at the first class Valle Escondido Resort or at the classic and historical Panamonte Inn is very romantic. Plus a Bridal Bouquet of fresh Boquete Flowers just makes the bride that much more beautiful!

Stay In Boquete

If you are getting married in this picturesque Panama Village you can stay in Boquete for your Honeymoon at any one of the Boquete Hotels. The luxury and comfort in addition to the romantic setting will make it an event which will last in your memory forever. And with all the things to do in Boquete Outdoors your stay will bring extra memories.

Boquete Bouquets

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Boquete Orquidea - OrchidBoquete Bouquet
Boquete Orquidea - Orchid
Boquete Orquidea - Orchid
Boquete Bouquet
Boquete Bouquet

Learn About Panama

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    • profile image

      Boquete Real Estate 

      8 years ago

      Hey, I didn´t know that either! I guess one learns something new everyday.

    • PanamaPaul profile image


      8 years ago from Toronto

      Ha! Portuguese Oral Sex! Very funny. I wonder what the people who live in Boquete Panama think about that?

    • PartyPlannerDeb profile image


      8 years ago

      Funny and cute! I never new Boquetes was a bad word! Love the shots - slideshow. Those Orchids are amazing!


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