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Beach Umbrellas, a good idea

Updated on June 12, 2013

Oh yes, a day at the beach! Sand and surf and suntan lotion. And of course, the sun too. But you have to be careful, don’t you? A little sun is a lovely thing, feels so good on your shoulders, so nice to stretch out and get a little tan. But too much sun, well, we all know that’s not healthy. We know it’s not worth the risk, of a burn, or much worse. What’s the solution? Well, hey, a nice, colorful beach umbrella!

Beach Umbrellas - so you don't toast in the sun!
Beach Umbrellas - so you don't toast in the sun!

Choosing a Beach Umbrella

With something as simple as a beach umbrella, you might not think there’d be a lot of thought necessary to engage in purchasing one. But before you run out to the store wait a second. There are some important considerations you should make before buying an umbrella.

First of all, even in a beach umbrella, quality matters. First, you’ll want to check out the fabric used for the umbrella top, the part that will shade you. How sturdy is it? Will it stand up to the wear and tear of the beach? You’ll want an umbrella that will be strong enough to take being thrown around in the car and tossed in the sand. Whether made of cloth or plastic, the umbrella top should be able to withstand the pounding sun without cracking or dry rotting. Also, make sure the fabric is thick enough to do what it is supposed to do, keep out the sun. Remember that a sunny day at the beach is a lot brighter than the inside of the store where you are shopping.

You’ll also want to check out the beach umbrella’s pole. Is it sturdy enough to survive a summer, two summers, five summers, at the beach? Make sure it’s long enough too. Once you stick it in the sand, you’ll want enough space underneath to enjoy yourself. Some beach umbrella poles are so short you practically have to lie down underneath them. Keep in mind that on a breezy day at the beach that you may have to insert the pole pretty deep into the sand to keep the umbrella from blowing over. Make sure the spines that support the umbrella fabric are sturdy too.

Lastly, think about how big of a beach umbrella you will need. It might be tempting to go for something small and compact that will fit easily in the trunk of your car. And that might be perfect choice for one or two people spending a couple hours at the beach. But if you have a family, you’ll want an umbrella big enough to keep everyone out of the sun. The same is true if you are making a whole day of it at the beach. You’ll want to stretch out, move around a bit, so make sure you’ll have enough shade to do so. You might want to keep your cooler and other supplies out of the sun too.

Shopping for a Beach Umbrella

After you’ve decided what you want in a beach umbrella, the next step of course is finding one. There are many, many places that sell beach umbrellas, all depending on what you are looking for.

If you are in the market for something a bit fancy, check out Frankford Umbrellas at Here you will find top of the lines umbrellas for the beach, the poolside, and the patio. These beach umbrellas are made to last, with superior craftsmanship in all features, from umbrella top to bottom. Designed to be both sturdy and colorful, the Beach Ball umbrella from Frankford might cost a bit more than some, but it will last for many summers of beach going fun. The umbrella top of this model is made from marine grade acrylic fabric.

For something a bit less high end but still of fine quality, check out the beach umbrellas at the mall, the Beach Mall that is ( Here you’ll find models such as the 6’ Solar Beach Umbrella. This umbrella features a reflective outer fabric that bounces sunlight away, keeping you 15 degrees cooler. The frame is non-corroding, and the pole tilts to keep the shade where you want it as the sun moves across the sky.

Of course there’s also Target, which, let’s face it, is pretty convenient. Target offers a couple beach umbrellas, including the basic, though completely functional, 6’ Beach Umbrella in Hunter Green. The umbrella includes a rust and weather resistant polyester top and a tilting pole. One can only imagine the cool green light filtering through the umbrella top as you while away a hot sunny day at the beach!

Whichever model you choose, and from whichever retailer, remember how important it is to reduce your exposure to the sun. This is especially true of children and their delicate, growing skin. Stay safe in the sun and have fun!


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    • profile image

      Beach Umbrellas 7 years ago

      Umbrellas are a great idea for the beach. They will protect you and provide comfort from the blazing hot sun. I would never take my family to the beach without mine.