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Brief History of Republic of Paraguay

Updated on December 12, 2019
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Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Paraguay is located in South America with capital in Asuncion the largest city. The country gained independence from Spain 14 May 1811 was recognized 25, November 1842. Paraguay was admitted to the United Nations on 24 October 1945.

Its official language is Spanish-Guarani major ethnic group 95% Mestizo 5% other. They have 89% Roman Catholic, 5% Protestants,4% non-religious and 2% others. Government system is unitary dominant-party presidential republic, a president, vice president. The legislative congress has upper house senate, lower house chamber of deputies.

People of Paraguay in traditional wear

People of Paraguay in traditional wear in a procession
People of Paraguay in traditional wear in a procession


History of the republic is traced from the pre-Columbian era. Then colonization before the independence till rule of Francia then the Lopez family. Paraguayan war 1864-1870 and civil war of 1922.pre-columbian era had the indeginous predominantly agrirarian Guarani people including the Guaycuru nomads. While other indigenous tribes are further divide along ethno linguistic lines.

Facts on Paraguay

Here are some important facts on Paraguay.

  1. The Capital is Asuncion
  2. Independence from Spain declaration 14 May 1811, recognition 25 November 1842
  3. Official language Spanish, ethnic language Guarani
  4. Main religion Roman Catholic
  5. Total area 406, 752km2
  6. Government, President, Vice, Congress-Legislature, Upper and Lower house
  7. Main Ethnic group Mestizo
  8. Population 7,152,703
  9. Currency Guarani

10. Motto; Peace and Justice

Asuncion Temple

asuncion temple
asuncion temple

Largest Cities

The largest cities or towns are Asuncion (capital District) 522,287 inhabitants, Ciudad del Este (Alto Parana) 301,815 people. Towns in central department are Nemby, Limpio, Capiata, San Lorenzo, Luque, Lambare and Fernando de la Mora.

We have Encarnacion in itapua department, Caaguazu in caaguazu department and Coronel Oviedo in Caaguazu. More towns include Vila Elisa, Ita, Concepcion, Minga Guazu, Presidente Franco, itagua, pedro juan Caballero and Mariano Roque Alonso.

Some Cities, Towns

  • Asuncion (capital District) 522,287 inhabitants
  • Ciudad del Este (Alto Parana) 301,815 people


  • Nemby
  • Limpio
  • Capiata
  • San Lorenzo
  • Luque
  • Lambare
  • Fernando de la Mora.

Health and Education

Life expectancy is 75 years similar to their neighbors Argentina and Bolivia. Infant mortality averages 15 per 100,000 births because of basic health insurance facilitated by the Government and World Bank intervention.

Education is mandatory primary school of nine years before going for three years secondary education. Privately funded universities are Universidad del Pacifico, Universidad Americana and Autonomous university of Asuncion. A public university of note is the National university of Asuncion enabling a high literacy rate of 93%.

Religion and languages

Paraguayans speak both Spanish and Guarani. Guarani is an indigenous south American language from Guarani culture. Roman Catholicism account for 85%, Protestants 5%, non-religious 4%, others 2%.



Administrative and Military

Administration is divided into sub divisions, seven departments one capital district. Two regions are Oriental Region and Occidental Region. Military include air force, navy, army and Marine Corps. President is commander in chief of the armed forces while young adult males 18+ are conscribed into compulsory one year active duty in military service.

Economy and Industry

Nominal GDP estimates for 2019 is total $44,557billion, per capital $6,229. GDP, PPP 2019 estimates total $101,075 billion, per capita $14,131.they are the sixth largest producers of soybean while hydroelectric power supplies all of the country’s electricity need.

Paraguayans: The World's Weirdest Latinos

Early Rulers

In 1814 after the overthrow of local Spanish administration in 14 May 1811 was Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia. To reduce the power of colonial elites he forbade them from marring each other and rather marry only blacks. Another rule was enacted to reduce the influence of the Catholic Church and he also broke ties with other south America countries. After his death in 1840 there was a series of military rulers. The lopez father Carlos Antonio lopez then the son Francisco Solan Lopez 1862ruled after the official declaration of independence.

List of Head of States and Presidents

There have been over 60 heads of state or presidents with over 24 removed by force. First head of state was Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia 1814 then Fulgencio Yegros 17 June 1811, Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia 12 October 1813.

Others are Manuel Antonio Oritz, Juan Jose Medina, Jose Gabriel Benitez, Jose Campos. More include Mariano Roque Alonzo Lopez and Mariano Roque Alonzo 12 March 1841.From 13 March 1844 to 15 August 1953 there were about 53 presidents.

Tomas Romero Pereira became president on 8 May 1954 folled by Alfredo Stroessner 15 August 1954 to 3 febuary 1989. Andres Rodriguez took over on 15 May 1989 next are Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Raul Cubas, Luis Angel Gonzalez Macchi, Nicanor Duate, Fernando Lugo, Federico Franco, Haracio Cartes, Mario Abdo Benitez 15 August 2018- Incumbent


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